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January 28, 2016

21 Problems That Won't Make Sense To People Who've Never Had In-N-Out

The struggle is real, and also Animal Style.

22 Tweets That Are Way Too Funny For Anyone Who Hates Wearing Jeans

"In a 2 hour lecture, you bes' believe my pants are unbuttoned."

34 Million Americans Lack Access To Broadband, Regulators Say

"Broadband is not being reasonably and timely deployed and is not available to all Americans." Again.

14 Trucos de belleza para las chicas de piel morena

Eres piel morena, canto de pasión y arena. Ah, verdad.

Is This Celeb A Teen Or Not?

They might play a teenager onscreen, but can you guess their age in real life?

A Best-Selling Author Dismissed Postpartum Depression Screening As A Pharmaceutical Conspiracy

"Mood changes are NORMAL. Meditation helps. Prayer helps. Nutritional support helps."

Arizona Enlists Major Law Firm To Import Execution Drugs From India

National law firm Alston & Bird is fighting the FDA, asking it to release execution drugs that Arizona imported from India. The state has said it will sue if the FDA doesn't do so.

Mysterious Sonic Booms Rock The East Coast

A series of sonic booms off the New Jersey coast sparked questions about earthquakes or meteorites. News accounts blamed tests of the Defense Department's new F-35 fighter jet.

Here's What Tony Abbott Said To An Anti-Marriage Equality Group In The US

"We shouldn't try to change something without understanding it."

16 Videos impresionantes que sin duda destruirán tu mal humor

Ya, ya, tranquilo, estás bien, muy bien.

19 Childhood Moments That Were The Absolute Worst

You probably repressed the memory of having the note you were passing in class read aloud by your teacher.

Are These Women More Than Just Friends?

Gals pals and nothing more, said your conservative aunt.

The Official Emo Band Name Generator

Finally answer that question that's been tormenting you deep inside for so long: what would you name your 2000s emo band?

Which Classic Car Should You Be Driving?

Forget your Prius, take this for a spin!

Breaking NYPD Rules Shouldn't Lead To An Arrest, Lawyers For Officer Charged With Fatal Shooting Argue

The statement came on the third day of trial of Peter Liang, charged with fatally shooting Akai Gurley.

Detroit Teachers File Lawsuit Against School District For Deplorable Conditions

An educator advocacy organization has charged the public school system for failing to provide a “minimally adequate education.”

Today's The Day Chandler Bing Is Supposed To Call Julia Roberts

It's been 20 years — could he still be upset?

Are You Actually A Diva?

I'm-a, I'm-a a DIVA.

State Workers In Flint Received Bottled Water A Year Before Residents

Leaked emails show workers in a state office building in Flint received water coolers last year while expressing concerns about tap water quality.

Welcome To America — Now Spy On Your Friends

When Muslim immigrants apply to become citizens, they often find the process delayed for years without explanation. Then, when they are at wit’s end, they get a visit from the FBI, with an offer they don’t dare refuse.

Disability Advocates Aren't Happy That A Man Standing Up From His Wheelchair At The Australian Open Was Called A "Miracle"

Advocates have pointed out that people use wheelchairs for a range of reasons and that not all wheelchair users are paralysed.

Esta banda sorprendió a los bailarines audicionando para su video musical de la mejor manera

Mira el estreno del video musical de Oh Wonder, "Lose It", exclusivamente en BuzzFeed.

19 Times Leslie Knope Shut Down Sexism On "Parks & Rec"

"Maybe it's time for more women to be in charge" —Leslie Knope

Trump Campaign Manager: Trump Will Debate Cruz Once Judge Rules Him Eligible To Run

"Once you’ve gotten that ruling from the federal judge and you’re the last man standing in this presidential contest next to Donald Trump, we’ll be happy to have a debate with you one-on-one, anywhere you want."

27 Hilarious Food Puns Every Book Nerd Will Appreciate

For Whom the Taco Bell Tolls. Thanks to #snackbooks on Twitter.

21 Instagrams románticos para seguir antes y después de San Valentín

Algunos cursis, otros románticos. Aquí hay de todo para todos.

WIN: En una universidad de Estados Unidos hay una clase para estudiar tacos

“Papá, me voy a estudiar a Estados Unidos.”

New Military Moms Will Now Get 12 Weeks Of Maternity Leave

In a swath of family-friendly changes announced Thursday, the Pentagon will double the Army's and Air Force's paid maternity leave.

The Story Of A Reporter Who Killed Herself On Air Is Taking Over Sundance

The scripted feature film Christine and the documentary Kate Plays Christine have two pointedly different takes on what happened with Christine Chubbuck, a reporter who killed herself on television in 1974.

Fab Or Drab Stats

stats and stuff

17 notícias falsas que jamais estariam num jornal

As notícias falsas são do perfil Satélite Online no Twitter.



Are You An Assassin Or A Templar?

Everything is true, nothing is permitted?

13 Partes del cuerpo que no sabías que tenían nombre

A mí me gustan los hoyuelos de Venus grandes y no puedo mentir.



Leonardo DiCaprio Hung Out With Pope Francis At The Vatican

No word on whether the actor asked the pope to pray for his Oscar chances.

Teens Have Died After Possibly Drinking A Mix Of Mountain Dew And Gas Called "Dewshine"

Authorities believe the two may have confused ethanol, the consumable form of alcohol, with methanol, a component in gas.

Kerry Washington Said It's Important To Address Abortion On TV

"It's always important that our storytelling reflects the real experiences of human beings."

What’s The Best Thing To Eat In Nashville For Less Than $10?

The Music City is also the city of delicious food.

17 imagens que só quem tem déficit de atenção vai reconhecer

"Que que eu vim fazer no quarto, mesmo?"

11 Of Your Favorite Actors' Very First Headshots

See your favorite actors looking flawless then & now.

How Well Do You Speak Canadian?

Do you know a dart from a deke?

15 Quotes That’ll Make You Proud To Be A Texan

"You can all go to hell; I will go to Texas." —Davy Crockett

Soldier Pictured On Trump's Veterans Site Is A Ukrainian-Based Actor

"Portrait of young soldier," by Dmytro Konstantynov.

Months Later, Clinton Campaign Struggles To Define Bernie Sanders

“From the beginning, Bernie Sanders has known exactly what he wanted to say about himself and exactly what he wanted to say about her.”

This Food Test Will Determine If You're Actually From Pennsylvania

Do you know your sauerkraut from your sauerbraten?

Holdouts In Oregon Refuge Standoff Say They Will Leave If No One Is Charged

"We’re just asking (the negotiator) to drop the charges and we’re wiling to go and nobody dies," one of the occupiers said in a video message Thursday.

These Heartbreaking Pictures Show The Effects Of The Zika Virus

The Zika virus is spreading "explosively" according to the WHO, affecting 24 regions. In Brazil, Zika has been linked to an increase in birth defects, particularly microcephaly, or an abnormally small brain.

Missouri Paid Executioners $250,000 In Cash, Possibly Violating Tax Law

The state pays its small team of executioners in cash to limit the paper trail. The state isn’t sending proper paperwork to the IRS — experts told BuzzFeed News that it could be contributing to tax evasion.

Jailed Texas Woman Featured In BuzzFeed News Investigation Is Granted Parole

Arlena Lindley was sentenced to 45 years in prison for failing to protect her son from her abusive boyfriend, even though she tried to stop the beating. She was featured in a 2014 Buzzfeed News investigation on battered women facing long prison sentences for crimes their partners committed despite evidence that the women were brutally abused themselves.

13 sinais de que você precisa de uma uma reabilitação em apaixonamento

Quem nunca deu uma corridinha para ver a pessoa de frente que atire a primeira pedra.

Find Out What You Should Watch On Netflix This February

This is what you should watch while you accidentally fall asleep in your sweats!

President Obama Says #OscarsSoWhite Is "Just An Expression Of This Broader Issue"

"Are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot?" he asked.

A Snow Story

Kittie and the snow in NYC.

Mike Huckabee's Weird Adele Parody Is Now A Long, Silent Film Of A Poem

Everybody knows Adele's music is Trump's jam.

These Mammoth Bones Were Found Under A College Football Stadium

The crew also found bones from a bison and some kind of camel or horse.

17 Platillos con huevo que necesitas cocinar ahora mismo

Vivan esos esponjosos huevos horneados que alimentan a todos tus seres queridos por docenas.

Are You A Chip Or Joanna From "Fixer Upper"?

Big Mama? Or the belly that could?

Native Americans Asked These Sensitive Questions To White People

"That headdress goes really well with your privilege!"

The New Trailer For "The Secret Life Of Pets" Is Here And It's Adorable

So this is what pets do when they're home alone!

Alberta Wants Its School To Be More LGBT-Inclusive And Some People Are Freaking Out

Religious leaders have been penning letters in opposition to the changes.

This Stunning New Clothing Line Bridges Fashion And Feminism

And you're going to need it right about... now.

This Author Wrote A Beautiful Handwritten Note To Herself As Inspiration

"I will find the way to do this! So be it! See to it!"

Trump On Immigration In 2013: “You’re Dealing With Human Beings,” “Do The Right Thing”

Donald Trump: "When it comes to immigration, you have to do the right thing."

Tudo o que o ator que fez o “Chris" posta no Instagram vira meme para os brasileiros

A qualquer momento que Tyler James Williams faz uma nova publicação em seu Instagram, os comentários são tomados por frases do seriado.

9 Unapologetically Tacky Pop Songs

As John Waters once said, "bad taste is what entertainment is all about."

A 12-Year-Old Girl Raped At Knifepoint By A Man Posing As A Police Officer

The incident happened in Sandhurst Road, Edmonton.

The Government Paid G4S £7 Million For Hundreds Of Empty Beds In Youth Prisons Last Year

The revelation was described as "galling" by the Howard League for Penal Reform.

A Apple está fazendo recall de algumas partes dos carregadores

O recall voluntário é para adaptadores projetados para Argentina, Austrália, Brasil, Europa, Nova Zelândia e Coreia do Sul, e abrange carregadores vendidos entre 2003 e 2015.

Ce vétérinaire sexy va vous donner très chaud

Il faut qu'on parle du Dr Evan Antin.

Tom Hiddleston Is Flirting With All Of Us In This Exclusive Song From “I Saw The Light”

I Saw the Light director Marc Abraham told BuzzFeed News that Loki makes a great Hank Williams. Plus, the premiere of one of Hiddleston's tracks from the movie.

Huckabee On His Paid Subscription Podcast: Debate Without Trump Will Be Substantive

On the literal same day he announced he's going to Trump's event.

Women Get Real About The Worst Parts About Having Your Period

"Your uterus is basically falling out of you."

Esta es la mejor manera de curar tus labios secos y partidos

Prepárate para ser consciente del estado real de tus labios en 3, 2, 1...

Grocery Store Fried Chicken Taste Test

A definitive guide from two chicken-loving idiots.

13 receitas com queijo que vão te fazer sentir coisas

Queijo, este bandido que roubou seu coração.

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To Alessia Cara's "Here"?

♫ I ask myself what am I doing here? ♫

23 coisas que você vai entender se estiver saindo com um professor

Eles usarão o tom de voz autoritário de professor com você.

16 coisas que acontecem quando sua alma gêmea vai conhecer a sua família

Nem sequer PENSE em dormir no mesmo quarto — casa da mamãe, regras da mamãe.

Ces choses auxquelles on pense dans les toilettes des hommes

Mais si je nettoie pas, les gens vont penser que c'est moi qui sais pas viser!

A seleção para as casas do Pottermore está de volta e é linda

O dia pelo qual nós estivemos esperando finalmente chegou.

Canada's Domestic Spy Agency Doesn't Know For Sure Whether Its People Funded Terrorists

An oversight body has ordered the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to figure out "the full scope of potential violations."

24 etapas pelas quais toda pessoa obcecada com maquiagem vai passar

A troca para pincéis de maquiagem adequados é uma coisa muito, muito maravilhosa.

Jennifer Lopez está se transformando em Ariana Grande?

Elas são praticamente a mesma pessoa.

Esta maravilhosa conta de Instagram vai te ensinar sobre a mulher lésbica na história

E te fornecer material para você ter paixonites pelo resto da vida.

Can You Tell If These Couples Dated Again From Their Awkward Post-Date Interviews?

It's the most awkward part of the most awkward show on television, First Dates. Good luck.

15 Pensamiento que tuvo la gente cuando vio a la nueva Barbie

"No me identifico con ninguna de las nuevas Barbies".

Canada's Foreign Spy Agency Gave Your Information To Other Countries

Metadata, which can reveal who you've been talking to or what websites you visited, was accidentally shared with spies from other countries.

Just A Reminder That Maple Syrup And Table Syrup Are Not The Same Thing

If you ain't talking maple, I don't wanna talk.

People Are Disappointed By Kanye's Slut-Shaming Of Amber Rose

His tweetstorm against Wiz Khalifa had some questionable moments.

23 Delightfully Weird Office Items Every Medical Nerd Will Love

Office supplies that are literally ill.

Así serían las localizaciones de fantasía si estuviesen en el mundo real

¿Cuántas firmas hacen falta para cambiar las torres KIO por unos Argonath?

This Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To Revolutionize Trans Storytelling

Brit Fryer, whose short film Trans-ience won him an Ignite Fellowship from Sundance to attend the festival and get started in the industry, wants to explore black trans masculinity in new and exciting ways.

What Is Your Sexiness Score?

Are you sexy? And do you know it?

Wie dieser Waschbär auf einen Snack reagiert, zeigt das wahre Glück

Weil wir alle wissen, was es heißt, einen Traum zu haben.

Barbie's New Collection Has Curvy, Petite, And Tall Dolls

The move comes after dwindling sales and widespread criticism.

There Are 12 Important Milestones For Gay Men

Top or bottom? It's important.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

"OK guys, admit it: Who put these cat bollocks in my mug?"

Jeremy Hunt Ordered To Delete "Highly Inappropriate" Tweet During Trial

"These days it is hard to have the word 'tweet' without 'ill-advised' before it," said a judge.

13 músicas brasileiras dos anos 90 que te deram lições de vida

Um caráter formado por Mamonas Assassinas, Molejo e É o Tchan.

12 Popular Songs If They Featured A Desi Mom

"Where Are Ü Now? I called twice and you didn't pick up."

13 fatos aleatórios que vão desgraçar sua cabeça

O vermelhinho da carne mal-passada no seu prato NÃO é sangue.

Sex At The Beginning Of The Relationship Vs. After One Year

People have sex in their beds for a reason.

Le test d'orthographe qui va vous faire perdre vos potes

Arriverez-vous à faire mieux que vos amis?

Ben Carson: Media Wouldn't Scrutinize Me As Much If I Were A "White Conservative"

"Many people in the media have predetermined that if you're black and you're a conservative that you're bad. That's just their narrative."

16 Celebrities Who Have Definitely Been Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth

This is definitive proof that Paul Rudd has not aged a single bit in over a decade.

Une femme de 99 ans s'est réveillée avec un étrange animal dans son lit

Une manière assez terrifiante de commencer sa journée.

1996, c'était ça

Et c'était il y a 20 ans putain!!!!

What’s The Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Masturbated With?

American Pie, the remake. Submissions can be made anonymously.

3 To 4 Million People In The Americas Could Become Infected With Zika In The Next Year

The explosive spread of Zika virus, and associated severe birth defect reports, has triggered an emergency international public health summit.

19 Writing Tips To Help You Become The Next J.K. Rowling

We asked writers what helps them stay motivated.

Apple Is Issuing A Recall For Some Of Its Wall Plug Adapters

The voluntary recall is for adapters designed for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand, and South Korea and covers adapters sold between 2003 and 2015.

19 Gargantillas que necesitas en tu vida ahora mismo

Prepara tu billetera porque las querrás comprar todas.

Senator Calls On Obama Administration To Stop Assad Regime From Censoring Syria Aid Plans

Sen. Bob Casey said he was "appalled" to read of the censorship, first reported by BuzzFeed News.

18 Things About Berlin That Should Make Londoners Jealous

You'd probably be happier if you lived there.

Tory Councillor Who Helps Landlords Evict Tenants Is Under Investigation

Tim Briggs, the leader of the Conservatives in Lambeth, has provided legal advice in as many as 10 repossessions in the borough.

Wesley Safadão é o craque que o Brasil precisava

Com ele em campo, o 7 a 1 nunca teria acontecido.

If Jeremy Corbyn Tweeted Like Kanye

Good energy, renewable energy.

A New Frontier In Low-Carb Snacking: Meat Snacks, Like Lunchables For Adults

Meat snacks exist at the crossroads of the biggest food trends of the moment: high-protein, fresh ingredients, and, of course, snacking.

Here's What Your Favourite '90s Footballers Are Doing Now

What became of the likes of Stig Inge Bjornebye, Andre Kanchelskis and Jason Lee?

What's Going On Around The World Today

India’s Supreme Court will hear a challenge to a law that criminalizes homosexuality. The spread of the Zika virus could open the door to a new debate about abortion. And are you doing an awesome job at work? We’ll help you ask for that ~much deserved~ raise.

12 situações que só quem tem pais investigativos vai entender

"Não precisa levar a chave não, deixa que eu abro quando você chegar".

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Republican Debate Without Trump

The Republican candidates for president faced off Thursday night — notably without frontrunner Donald Trump — in the last debate before the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.

A Barbie anunciou linha com "mulheres reais" e as pessoas estão apaixonadas pelas novas bonecas

A coleção tem quatro tipos de corpos, sete tons de pele, 22 cores dos olhos e 24 penteados diferentes.

This Smart Pill Knows When You've Taken It

This startup envisions a world where your health is monitored — even when you’re out of your doctor’s sight.

Este increíble pastel de boda inspirado en las amatistas te asombrará

Las geodas nunca se han visto tan deliciosas.

People Are Buying And Blessing Toy Dolls In The Belief They'll Bring Good Luck

The dolls have become a point of controversy in Thailand over recent months.

20 Easy Ways To Make Your Indian Wedding Goddamn Adorable

Hopefully you've only got one shot. Make it count.

Ummm, This Video Shows That Modi Wasn't "Awkwardly Hugging" The French President At All

The camera adds 10 pounds and unlimited amounts of awkwardness.

13 Shops I Never, Ever Want To Visit

"Shoplifters will be prostituted."

Met Police End Kids Company Investigation

The police said they found "no evidence of criminality within the 32 reports which would reach the threshold to justify a referral to the Crown Prosecution Service".

16 Poems That'll Make You Fall In Love With Bengali-American Poet Ena Ganguly

"If you keep a bird in her cage long enough // She will believe she belongs there."

Prisoners Describe What It Was Like Being Detained Inside An ISIS Jail

A phone number scratched on a prison wall leads to a meeting with a man who was held prisoner by ISIS. He tells BuzzFeed News about the horrific treatment he endured.

Kannst Du diese Worte richtig buchstabieren?

Phillipinen oder Philippinen?



19 razones por las que JAMÁS deberías salir con un diseñador gráfico

Te querrá mucho, pero quiere más a la Helvetica.

The Guy Who Reimagines American Superheroes As Indian Is At It Again

And this time, he's doing more than just the regular ones.

Deaths, Attacks And Self-Harm Are All Soaring In Prison

Campaigners blame "chronic overcrowding and deep staff cuts".

23 Bilder, die nur Sinn ergeben, wenn Du mit Geschwistern aufgewachsen bist

„Kann ich mal kurz was an Dir ausprobieren? Tut auch nicht weh."

Somalis Demonstrate Against Al-Shabab Following Beach Terror Attack

Hundreds gathered to protest Al-Shabab's killing of more than 20 people and shared images via the #LiidoDemonstration hashtag.

You Need To Take The New Pottermore Sorting Quiz Immediately

The day we have been waiting for is finally here.

SNP MP Defends Her Work As Life-Saving NHS Surgeon After Daily Mail Attack

Philippa Whitford has hit back at "ridiculous" criticism she received for covering shifts for an ill colleague over parliament's Christmas break.

Cet homme a escaladé la pyramide de Gizeh et c'est impressionnant

«Pour moi l'escalade c'est la liberté, c'est une vraie expérience», a raconté l'auteur de la vidéo à BuzzFeed.

You've Got To Eat At This One Place In Whitechapel

Tayyabs is the sizzling heart of Whitechapel.

EU Commissioner Confirms She Will Investigate Google Tax Deal If Asked

It is believed both Labour and the SNP have made formal complaints about the company's tax settlement.

Mais que veut dire Nicolas Sarkozy? Faites le test!

On a pris les citations les plus WTF de son livre, à vous d'essayer d'y comprendre quelque chose.

Si las biografías de grandes científicos se escribieran como si fuesen mujeres

"Tras los enormes ojos y el frágil físico de Newton se encontraba uno de los mayores cerebros de nuestros tiempos"

23 Times Jack Dee Was The Most Hilariously Grumpy Man In Britain

"I was a goth for a while. I was asked to leave because I was just too miserable."

1 In 5 Chicken Cottage Shops Have Hygiene Concerns

More than a fifth of Chicken Cottage restaurants in the UK were found to have unsatisfactory hygiene standards last year, it has emerged.

Cold Cases Could Be Reopened After Levi Bellfield Admits Killing Milly Dowler

When Bellfield was convicted police linked him to around 20 unsolved attacks upon women.

Zayn Malik On Leaving One Direction: "They Couldn’t Talk Me Out Of It"

Malik told Zane Lowe in a Beats 1 interview: "I just gave it a go because it was there at the time and then when I realised the direction we were going in, mind the pun, with the music, I instantly realised it wasn't for me."

So sieht Dein Ikea-Tisch von innen aus

Spoiler-Alarm: Es ist nicht Eiche massiv!

Could You Pass Your Defence Against The Dark Arts O.W.L.?

Will you achieve an Outstanding, or are you more Troll?

20 Photos That Prove Nobody In India Gives A Flying Fuck

Everyone's "things to give a fuck about" list has exactly zero items.

Quitter son job avec classe, par Christiane Taubira

L'ex-ministre de la Justice vous montre la voie.

A ver si puedes pasar este examen para niños de primaria

Tu yo de 10 años es más listo que tú.

Sweden Could Deport Up To 80,000 Asylum-Seekers

Interior Minister Anders Ygeman said Swedish authorities may return between 60,000 and 80,000 people to their countries of origin in the coming years.

This Beautiful Short Film Shows The Life Of A Villager Working In Mumbai

"Pehli Chitthi" is a letter he writes to his wife in the village.

甘利大臣が現金受け取りを認める 「適正処理を指示」「秘書が使った」


Sonam Kapoor Is Going To Feature In Coldplay's Next Single With Beyoncé

♫ Oh, angels sent from up above. You know you make my world light up. ♫

Cette mère a raconté comment une vendeuse a traité sa fille de «grosse»

La boutique a ensuite répondu au message choc de cette mère qui défendait sa fille de 13 ans sur Facebook.

16 trucs que vous ne pouvez pas comprendre si vous n'avez pas de sœur

«C'est mon jean préféré que tu portes???»

プロ棋士ざんねん! Googleに完敗


Which San Fran SRS Member Are You?

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. Sorry bout it.

26 Tweets That Are WAY Too Real For Any Indian

The longest word in the English dictionary is mutualfundsaresubjecttomarketriskpleasereadtheofferdocumentcarefullybeforeinvesting.

Senator Says Endless Same-Sex Marriage Debate Like "Chinese Water Torture"

Senator Cory Bernardi also slammed a nationwide vote on marriage as a "glorified opinion poll".

Aussie Teen Allegedly Planned To Paint ISIS Symbol On Kangaroo And Fill It With Explosives

Sevdet Besim is accused of plotting a terror attack in Melbourne last year.



Mizzou Fires Professor Who Asked For "Muscle" To Block Journalist

Mizzou assistant professor Melissa Click was seen on video late last year trying to kick a student journalist out of an on-campus protest.

Michigan Officials: Lead Water Pipes Will Remain For Now In Flint

Gov. Rick Snyder said getting clean water to Flint residents remained the top priority for state officials, but there are no current plans to replace the corroded lead pipes.

India's Supreme Court To Revisit Homosexuality Ruling Next Week

A panel of judges will consider reversing a decision issued in December 2013 that reinstated the country’s colonial-era sodomy law, a source tells BuzzFeed News.

What Type Of Jenna Getlan Are You?

Either way you have big boobs and a flat ass.

強姦で逮捕、4年後の逆転無罪 徹底的に批判されたずさん捜査


Police In Disneyland's Backyard Secretly Used Planes To Spy On Cell Phones

Newly released documents show that the Anaheim Police Department has been using controversial cell phone surveillance technology since at least 2009.

This Indigenous Award Winner Won’t Apologise After Refusing To Stand For The National Anthem

Joe Williams was named Wagga Wagga Citizen Of The Year, but refused to stand for the national anthem.

金銭授受疑惑 甘利大臣の会見って何を話すの?




Which Member Of UV Are You?

Bitches love singing

The Disappeared Trans Sex Workers Of El Salvador

A video telling the dark story of El Salvador's missing trans sex workers, an enduring mystery of El Salvador's Civil War.