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21 Problems That Won't Make Sense To People Who've Never Had In-N-Out

The struggle is real, and also Animal Style.

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1. When you're going about your business and suddenly get a craving. You know what I mean. You don't just GO to In-N-Out. You have a sudden, innate desire to make the pilgrimage...and you can't get it out of your mind until you do.


9. Oh, and you have to hold off eating a little bit longer, because you can't forget to Instagram a picture of your food. You have to let EVERYONE know you're dining like royalty at In-N-Out.

10. If you went through the drive-thru, life isn't any easier. You have to hold off on scarfing down your entire meal in your vehicle, because you don't want to die in an In-N-Out–related traffic accident.

12. And if you're eating fries (animal style, naturally), you have to strategically eat them so you get a little bit of cheese, special sauce, and caramelized onions with every bite.


21. But the biggest struggle of them all is, of course, when you finish your meal. Because even if you just had a Double-Double animal style, animal-style fries, and a neapolitan STILL could eat more.