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This Optimistic Man Tried To Sneak 14 Bottles Of Liquor Into Saudi Arabia In His Underwear

Spoiler alert: He did not succeed.

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Last week, the official Twitter account of Saudi Arabian customs tweeted photos of the most optimistic man on planet earth.

Via Twitter: @KsaCustoms

Airport officials caught this Saudi man with 14 bottles of liquor hidden under his traditional dress.

The man was stopped by custom officers while on his way back from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

Upon searching the man, inspectors found several bottles of alcohol taped to his upper and lower legs, hidden by his thobe – a traditional long white robe.


جمرك جسر الملك فهد يُحبط محاولة تهريب كمية من الخمور مخبأة أسفل الثوب الذي يرتديه المهرب