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People Got Tested To See What Their Actual Ethnicity Is And Were Pretty Surprised

Can you handle the truth?

For a lot of people, knowing where you're from forms a huge part of your identity. So, the Test Friends decided to get genetically tested to find out their genetic ancestry.

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Many of the participants thought they had a good idea of where they came from, and had formed a basis for who they were around that assumption.

Using the genetic tester 23andme, the Test Friends gave a sample of their DNA to get their results. Which basically means they spit into a tube...

...Seriously, it was a lot of spit...

...And tbh, not the easiest thing to get a clean sample of.

The group enlisted the help of Erynn Gordon, genetic counselor extraordinaire.

Jen was up first, and was surprised to learn she wasn't *as* Italian as she anticipated.

But regardless of what the results were, Jen thought the way she was raised truly spoke to her identity.

Maycie was unsurprised to learn that she was 99.9% European...

...AKA white.

And Shane was right there with Maycie.

Ryan was very intrigued by his results because he originally assumed he would be half Japanese and half Mexican...

...But there wasn't a clear indicator for his Mexican heritage.

For Daysha, her ancestry lined up with what she thought it would be...

...Well, for the most part.

Overall, it was a really interesting experience for the Test Friends, and definitely something worth exploring for anyone interested in learning about their roots.