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Zayn Malik On Leaving One Direction: "They Couldn’t Talk Me Out Of It"

Malik told Zane Lowe in a Beats 1 interview: "I just gave it a go because it was there at the time and then when I realised the direction we were going in, mind the pun, with the music, I instantly realised it wasn't for me."

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Zayn Malik has said he never wanted to be in One Direction in the first place in an interview with Zane Lowe to be broadcast on Beats 1 later today.

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When asked about the moment he wanted to leave, Zayn Malik admitted he joined One Direction because it was "there at the time":

I think I always wanted to go, from the first year. I never really wanted to be there, like, in the band. I just gave it a go because it was there at the time and then when I realised the direction we were going in – mind the pun – with the music, I instantly realised it wasn't for me. I realised I couldn't put any input in, I couldn't give my opinion on this or not because it didn't fit the grain of what we were as a band and what we represented. That's when it became frustrating for me.

He also said nobody really tried to talk him out of his decision to leave One Direction.

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He said:

When I was leaving the band they didn't want me to leave, but they couldn't talk me out of it at that point. I had already made my mind up.

The comments come just a few days after he hinted in an interview with the Sunday Times that he'd be up for a reunion in the future, saying:

Who knows? I don't know. If the time was right and that was the thing to do, then I would make that decision when it came around.

Zayn's fans on Twitter have obviously already responded to the forthcoming interview, with many pointing out that he owes a lot to his time in the band.

No offence but zayn would be nowhere without one direction

i really support zayn's solo career but can he please stop shading one direction bc without them he wouldn't be where he is now

I love zayn but why's he talking about 1d in every interview like its finally his chance to shine & he decides to talk about how he hated 1d

Others have said they will continue to support Zayn during his solo career.

I can't wait to hear Zayn's new music 😊 100% support X

zayn might never notice me but I will always support him and his music, I freaking love the guy

But mostly, fans are pointing out that it's possible to support both Zayn's solo career and the band.

just because i support and love zayn doesnt mean i love one direction any less.. 😌 their music is what matters the most

I love One Direction and Zayn. I'll support them both. Always. But there will always be 5/5 in my heart.

You can watch a preview of the interview here.

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Zayn has also tweeted this.

and it was freezing in the stadium so excuse my chattering teeth in interview haha ! Need to be up north more often, Bradford cold is real

In the full interview, he said that he enjoyed his time in One Direction, but his solo work is an opportunity for him to try something different.

"They are two completely separate things, and this is now more fun for me... I'm just looking forward for people understanding that."

The full interview will be repeated on Zane Lowe's show tonight on Beats 1 at 12am GMT (4pm PST), along the first play of his new signal.

You can listen via Apple Music on iOS and Android.