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    This Stunning New Clothing Line Bridges Fashion And Feminism

    And you're going to need it right about... now.

    If you like your wardrobe colorful and with a dash of gender politics, there's a good chance you'll love the newest capsule collection from BOB by Dawn O'Porter.

    The vintage-inspired British brand teamed up with designer Karen Mabon for the "Equality" capsule collection, which highlights the struggles and triumphs of the pursuit for gender equality.

    The four-piece collection includes the "Women are Boss" Dress (£180), a vibrant nod to women doing the damn thing in the 1980s workplace...

    (While, you'll notice, also caring for their children. They can have it all!)

    ... the "Boys Toys" Skirt (£125), which fights the notion that some things are inherently for boys and only boys...

    ... and a blouse (£160) and leggings (£95; shown above) covered in a "Love Wins" print. All pieces are available in UK sizes 8 to 18.

    As for the "Love Wins" print, it celebrates recent victories in the battle for same-sex marriage, and features a hugely diverse range of beings who love each other (including but not limited to clowns, mimes, beekeepers, astronauts, chefs, flight attendants, dancers, athletes, members of the armed forces, and even animal friends).

    BOB's Instagram even features couple Rachel Tyson and Krystel Roussel modeling the ~lovely~ print and telling the story of their romance.

    "After our first date we shared a cheeky kiss on the Number 73 bus and I was like, that's me sorted for life, and I was right," Tyson says in the post. "I proposed in Florence as we were at a stalemate as to who would ask. It's crazy to think this was not even an option for us when we met... [but] after nine and a half years, we are getting hitched in 2017."

    "Vintage fashion history is all about revolutions, and clothes representing what was going on for women at the time," O'Porter tells BuzzFeed of the collection. "We've come a long way, and these prints celebrate that."

    Please do, Queen. Please do.