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20 Photos That Prove Nobody In India Gives A Flying Fuck

Everyone's "things to give a fuck about" list has exactly zero items.

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1. Nobody gives a shit about the rules here.

2. Nobody cares what time it is.

3. Sohail doesn't give a flying fuck about your auto.

4. This shoddy photographer obviously doesn't give a fuck about his camera's aspect ratio.

5. This cow doesn't give a shit about your traffic woes.

6. And this one straight up doesn't give a rat's ass about safety.

7. Plumbing is last on everyone's "things to give a flying fuck about" list.

8. So is privacy.

9. Everyone's totally okay with deception.

10. Nobody gives a shit about superheroes.

11. Can't trust what you're eating.

12. And after eating some bad "kitchp", there's no guarantee you'll be any better after visiting the doctor's.

13. Nobody cares about how you get to your destination.

14. There is utter disregard for legendary sporting icons.

15. Nobody wants to support locally produced goods.

16. Even people who are rebelling against the system are doing it half-assedly.

17. How many people care about your favourite brands? NONE.

18. Not a soul gives two damn hoots about science.

19. Literally zero fucks are given about your drinking age.

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20. Just... nobody gives a shit.