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Everyone's Confused Why Sting Is Performing The NBA All-Star Halftime Show In Toronto


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If you woke up this morning wondering why Sting is trending on your Twitter TL, you may be curious to know that he has been asked to perform at the NBA All-Star Game at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.


Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

At the 65th annual NBA All-Star Game.

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All right.

With all due respect to Sting — we love "Roxanne," we do, great housecleaning music — the logic to call the "Desert Rose" guy for the job is going over people's heads.

"Guys, it's Toronto All-Star. We have a super diverse fanbase. This is our moment to show the world who we are. That's right: Call Sting."

Can't wait to watch Sting drop international party bangers like Fields of Gold, St Agnes and the Burning Train, and Shape of my Heart

People are genuinely looking for the venn diagram of fans who are excited by this news.

Because when you think #NBA you think Sting.

@SNJeffBlair Nothing says NBA basketball like some good 'ol Sting

Oh thank God, I thought we lost Sting for a second. Don't scare me like that, Twitter.

But no one is quite as salty and confused about this decision as Canadians, who were so blessed to finally have the game held on their turf.

We are in, perhaps, the greatest era of Canadian pop music, and the @NBA tapped #Sting to headline #NBAAllStarTO.

Canadians have 6 of the top 10 songs on the Billboard charts right now - and the NBA hires Sting to perform halftime. Brutal.

The Weeknd, @alessiacara... There are a lot of people who would have been great at the NBA all-star game in TO. Instead, they booked Sting.

Even Rob Ford felt he needed to weigh in.

Really @Toronto2016? Sting? What were your backup options, Cher and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? How about some TORONTO talent!

And the mayor of Toronto was, like, "no comment":

Tory says he won't question the choice of Sting as performer for the NBA All Star Game halftime show.

Looking forward to this year of sports . . . . . .

Coldplay and Sting will be doing halftimes at the Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Game. What a break for those suffering from insomnia.


Mock the choice of Sting if you must. I'll be celebrating the absence of Nickelback. We dodged a bullet, people. #NBAAllStarGame

And Sting is dope, right? Right? Swish?

I love Sting. lol. The instrumental arrangements on Symphonicities are so dope.