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Barbie's New Collection Has Curvy, Petite, And Tall Dolls

The move comes after dwindling sales and widespread criticism.

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The initiative was aimed at pushing the brand to think about "progress not perfection," Evelyn Mazzocco, the general manager of Barbie, said in a video for Time.

It was motivated by dwindling sales — sales of the toy dropped 16% in 2014 alone — and a weakening public perception of the brand.

"I think parents were saying that Barbie was a bad role model for girls, that she represents an unrealistic body type," said branding and strategy consultant Jess Weiner in the video.


So far, the response to the new dolls has been mostly positive.

Curvy Barbie? She represents the first institutional voice to ever tell me my body type is pretty *now*, not in some golden past.

omg I'm in love with the "curvy" Barbie. I want one. Hell, I'm getting one.

Thank you @Barbie for bravely acknowledging that women can be "Curvy," "Tall" or "Petite" & not just "Original" !!!

Though some noted there is still room to grow.

And other remained skeptical of Barbie's new ~makeover~.

Barbie was Patient Zero in the pinkification pandemic that has infected girls' toys. A makeover doesn't fix that.