People Are Disappointed By Kanye's Slut-Shaming Of Amber Rose

    His tweetstorm against Wiz Khalifa had some questionable moments.

    Kanye West was briefly extremely mad at Wiz Khalifa, father of his ex Amber Rose's child, due to a perceived slight against Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian. As result, Kanye went on an epic tweetstorm that he later deleted.

    Most of the tweetstorm was aimed at Khalifa's music and style, and reiterated Kanye's perception of his own importance in the hip-hop industry.

    However, some tweets were clearly intended to shame Amber Rose, mother of Khalifa's child, for her past as a stripper.

    That was the point at which a lot of people became frustrated with Kanye's treatment of her.

    Me before and after he brings up amber rose

    kanye slut shaming amber is getting old. This dude literally wrote an entire album about her and all he does now is call her a hoe. Boy bye.

    Rappers have a troubled history of shaming women during battles with other rappers: A similar thing happened with the Drake–Meek Mill beef in 2015.

    Honest question is it possible to dis rappers without reducing the women they know to currency? Are rappers not creative enough not to?

    While many people liked watching Kanye get angry, many were frustrated that he seemed to be using Amber Rose as little more than a weapon in this fight.

    That little rant Kanye West did was cute until he started slut shaming Amber Rose and speaking down on Wiz's child, that's so uncalled for.

    i publicly stan for Kanye a lot, and think he's a genius, but I need to say that I find the way he speaks about Amber Rose really disgusting

    And particularly how she was brought into a conversation that didn't even involve her.

    Ye: Don’t put my wife's name in your bio Wiz: That’s a weed. Ye: AMBER ROSE IS A HOE That is literally what just happened

    His hypocrisy was also widely criticised.

    Was Amber Rose this toxic stripper when she was holding you down after your mum passed????? @kanyewest

    He brought Amber Rose into the situation for no reason, he belittles her for being a stripper but he was also with her a few years ago.

    It was also pointed out that the album widely considered Kanye's best, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was at least in part inspired by Amber Rose and the deterioration of their relationship.

    Amber Rose is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.. Don't forget Ye

    These lyrics from "Blame Game", for example, are popularly assumed to be about Amber as well as Wiz.

    Kanye has dissed Amber Rose on numerous occasions since their breakup. In 2014, in an interview on The Breakfast Club, he essentially claimed responsibility for her fame.

    This seems to tie into his opinion that he is still the person who "created" her as a celebrity.

    Amber Rose will always irk Kanye cuz he views her as his creation.So her continual fruition independent of him is like an open wound #WAVES

    It's even possible that he continues to believe that she is, in a very real way, his property, and that his success has made her successful.

    Kanye’s consistent public degradation of Amber Rose as property is disgusting and petty.

    This belief means his ongoing anger at Amber is a result of her victories without him, due to this bizarre sense of ownership.

    Kanye doesn't regret losing Amber. He resents her continued success without him. So she'll always be on his mind.

    Certainly, Kanye's discussion of Amber and Wiz's child would support this theory.

    However, others think Kanye’s attacks are actually much more deep-rooted and misogynistic.

    Kanye West constantly slut-shames Amber Rose to reinforce his fragile ego. His respect for women is limited to the Kardashian/Jenner women.

    The inclusion of her at all – when she is no longer in a relationship with either Wiz or Kanye – implies sexism.

    The fact that Amber Rose somehow gets dragged in a beef between two men is complete proof of Kanye's sexist, misogynistic thinking.

    As well as the fragility of Kanye's ego.

    This Kanye rant is case study on the frailty of masculinity

    There were also a lot of people comparing Kim and Amber, convinced that Kim's sex tape was similar to Amber's history of stripping.

    If Amber is just "a stripper," what is Kim? I wish Kanye never tweeted

    Confused on why Kanye is commenting to Wiz on Amber Rose being a stripper, yet Kim K got dicked down for the world to watch. ??

    Some people equated the two's history.

    I see Kanye *still* doing the thing where he's misogynistic about Amber's past as if Kim meets the respectability he fetishes. So weird.

    And claimed that they were very similar, and that one shouldn't be degraded over the other.

    Amber being a stripper is NOT BAD. Kim having a sextape IS NOT BAD. But for you to degrade one over the other don't make sense

    However, others said that due to Kim's lack of consent in the original release of the sex tape, the situation was different, but that it was still not OK to slut-shame either of them.

    yall, kanye slutshaming amber does not mean you get to slutshame kim for the tape which she didnt consent to the release of.

    Other people justified the difference between them by pointing out that Kim got far wealthier than Amber did by using her sexuality.

    Kim Kardashian worth more than every nigga she fucked or on the same level as them while Amber Rose below every single one

    Which brings into question whether this dynamic is more than misogyny, and also a reflection of class issues that aren’t usually questioned.

    Yup, our culture celebrates/compensates Kim for her sexuality while Amber is shamed (largely due to the intersections of race & class).

    Essentially, Kim is allowed to use her sexuality because she is from a wealthy family, and has made more so much money, whereas Amber has had less financial success (and a less financially secure background), so it’s still OK to shame her sexuality.

    3. Kim has turned her L into MILLIONS. TV show, whole family famous, she's winning. 4. Amber still stuck fucking w fit teas on IG. Bum ass

    Eventually Amber responded as well, and blew up the internet a little more.

    A lot of people suggested her response was anti-gay.

    Kanye insults ex with misogyny; she claps back with homophobia yay

    And were, in turn, called out for not mentioning the misogyny that Kanye's tweets originally included.

    However, other people argued that it was more complex than that, with Amber Rose using her position as the most put-upon person in the conversation to strike back with things that the others couldn't necessarily say.

    thing abt that Amber Rose tweet is it is actually ideological jiu-jitsu: using her homophobic sex-shaming aggressor's energy AGAINST him

    like it IS anti-kink, anti-gay, anti-whatever, insofar as it speaks from abject bottom of the patriarchal heap he just tried to throw her to

    Specifically, that she used this comment as a way to diminish Kanye, with the assumption that it would weaken him in eyes of many of his fans.

    "well u like being fingered in the ass" is meant to feminize/queer Kanye, and so dismantle Sex God-Patriarch position he's tried to occupy

    This was definitely supported by the immediate internet reaction to the events, which all stuck firmly to the narrative that Kanye was in some way shamed.

    Kim K: "Kanye ... Amber is kidding right?"

    when the guys supporting kanye see he likes fingers in his ass

    In 2005, Kanye was one of the most prominent rappers to speak out against homophobia in his industry, something many of his peers at the time were not doing.

    View this video on YouTube

    “Everybody in hip-hop discriminates against gay people,” he said, “Matter of fact, the exact opposite word of ’hip-hop’, I think, is ’gay’. You play a record and if it’s wack, ’That’s gay, dog!’ And I wanna just come on TV and just tell my rappers, just tell my friends, ’Yo, stop it fam.’”

    A lot of people supported Amber regardless, hyper aware of how she'd been handling really tricky situations up to this point.

    I'm team Amber Rose ALL the way. That woman constantly gets knocked down but has turned a bad situation into something positive, I'm for it.

    Finally, the clearest result appears to be that neither Kim or Amber should be being shamed during someone else's argument.

    The goal is not to defend Kim OR Amber but create a culture where neither must defend their sexuality or be used as objects in a tweet beef.

    But one thing is for sure, Kanye still appears to be obsessed with Amber.

    I hope Kanye is in therapy for his Amber Rose obsession.