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23 Times Jack Dee Was The Most Hilariously Grumpy Man In Britain

"I was a goth for a while. I was asked to leave because I was just too miserable."

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1. Jack Dee doesn't really have to say anything to be miserable and hilarious all at the same time.

Channel 4

2. His facial expressions do all the talking.

3. But it's his upbeat persona that also gets us every time.


4. And his outlook on life.

5. Always looking for the good in things.

Thanks to all of you who say I look like Belgian murderer Van Den Bleeken. 3 yrs younger than me so quite chuffed.

6. He's always positive with his observations.

Bad idea to advertise on the side of a toilet anyway. But this?

7. And is particularly joyful around Christmas time.

8. Especially when it comes to festive knitwear.

Me @EllisJames and @joshwiddicombe in our Christmas jumpers.

9. And over New Year.

I wish Australia and NZ would #SpoilerAlert when they thoughtlessly blurt out Happy New Year to everybody. Another evening ruined.

10. When he's talking about long distance relationships.


11. And his own family.


12. In fact, he's pretty nostalgic about his childhood in general.


13. His own children are pretty lucky as well.

Wish the kids would stop moaning in the back of the car. It's a menthol for crying out loud.

14. And you can't say he's not a generous soul.


15. Always friendly.

16. And warm to be around.

17. When sharing his views on religion.

18. And his own intelligence.


19. And when pretending to be a member of One Direction.

I am @Louis_Tomlinson for @RedNoseDay #NoDirection

20. Or while watching the Oscars.

Hey actors at the Oscars. If you win don't look so very surprised. You are at the Oscars and you were nominated.

21. He just loves being miserable.

22. And being the most miserable man on telly.


23. And this we'll have to disagree with...