This 22-Year-Old College Student Became The World Champ Of Beer Miles

    And all without throwing up.

    Meet 22-year old collegiate runner, Lewis Kent.

    He's also the world record holder in the Beer Mile, an event that involves drinking four beers and racing a mile.

    So, how did Kent win the Beer Mile in a puke-free 4 minutes, 47 seconds?

    First of all, he got really good at chugging beer.

    Then he had to work on guzzling while out of breath, and running while full.

    He also trained his stomach to get used to being very full.

    And he learned the secret to vomit-free burping.

    Finally, Kent channels his beer mile success to motivate his regular training, which in turn has made him faster.

    Disclaimer: If you decide to run in one of the many amateur beer mile events out there, please know that it's not something a doctor would actually recommend.

    BuzzFeed asked Dr. Holly Lofton of NYU Langone Medical Center her thoughts on amateurs participating in a beer mile event. It turns out that if you must imbibe during exercise, beer is a decent choice — its high carb content provides fuel while it's lower alcohol content means it won't dehydrate you as much as, say, liquor would. That said, Lofton still doesn't recommend participating in a beer mile for the simple reason that it requires you to stress your body and then fuel it with something that has no nutritional properties.

    No matter what, always check with a doctor before starting a new training regimen, especially one that mixes drinking and exercising.

    Lewis Kent, we chug to you!