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January 3, 2016

This Melon Used To Sell For $24 A Slice. Should It Make A Comeback?

During the early 20th century, the Montreal melon was a culinary delicacy and an agricultural moneymaker. But as industrial farming took hold, the hard-to-grow fruit went the way of the dodo bird. What one farmer’s attempt to revive it says about taste and technology.

The New And Improved Eva Longoria

A decade after Desperate Housewives put her on the map, Eva Longoria is back with a new TV show, a renewed mission in life, and the wisdom to know how they can work in tandem.

The Aftermath Of A Marine's Conviction In The Death Of A Philippine Trans Woman

Trans sex workers in Olongapo, Philippines still don’t disclose their trans status to clients, even though a U.S. Marine was recently convicted of killing a Filipina sex worker upon discovering she was trans. Since the conviction — for the lesser charge of homicide — locals are eager to reestablish normal relations with U.S. troops. But will sex workers remain vulnerable?

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