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January 3, 2016

13 Truths About Being Named Nicole

Nicole = Coolest Person Ever!

Are You More Arthur Or D.W.?

"The world seemed so simple before this moment..."

This Politician Accidentally Sent A Text Calling A Journalist A "Mad Fucking Witch" To The Journalist

That thing when you send a text to the person the text was about.

Saudi's Move To Cut Ties With Iran Is Really Bad For The Region

Expect more war, more refugees, more jihadis as prospects for easing the Middle East's various wars and taking on ISIS diminish.

15 Mouthwatering Recipes To Try In 2016

Feast-worthy eats. (With videos!)

How Do You Ask For Consent?

"Are you comfortable?"

Bundy Sons Were Repeat Donors To Ron Paul's Presidential Campaigns

Ryan and Ammon Bundy, two of the militia occupying a building in Oregon, gave to the elder Paul's presidential campaigns.

Mom Vs. Daughter: Who Can Make The Best Enchiladas?

Watch a mother and daughter battle it out to see who can make the best enchiladas!

Here's What You Need To Know About The Bundy Family Behind The Standoff In Oregon

This isn't the first time the family has fought with the federal government.

How Well Do You Know These Viral Vines?

Are you a Vine veteran?

Which 2016 Movie Should You See Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Let the stars guide you towards your favorite new movie.

Things Fast Food Workers Want You To Know

There is a negative stereotype that comes attached to working in fast food and it is usually unwarranted. Just remember, don't mess with people that prepare your food.

This Video Perfectly Illustrates Why You Shouldn't Always Be On Your Phone

Look up, or you just might let your life pass you by.

This Is (Kind Of) What It's Like To Be A Producer At BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

Go behind the scenes at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures for the very first time to see how a viral video is made. Or, at least the way Eugene makes one...

We Know Which Disney Song You Are

What will your reflection show?

15 "Gossip Girl" Book Plotlines That Never Made It To The Show

The books were even crazier than the show. By a lot.

20 Great Carrie Fisher Tweets That Aren't About Star Wars

"No, not high, just eccentric." - Carrie Fisher

People Have Created A Message Of Hope Out Of The Discarded Life Jackets Of Syrian Refugees

Volunteers for aid groups have created a huge peace sign on a Greek island out of thousands of life jackets to spread a new year's message of hope.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses You've Never Seen Are From Asia

These stunning wedding gowns from across Asia will dramatically change the way you think brides should dress.

Loaded Cheese Stuffed Mashed Potato Balls

Just when you thought you couldn’t eat mashed potatoes on the go!

These May Be Pitbull's Most WTF Lyrics To Date

Mr. World-why did he just say that?!

This Colour Test Will Reveal Your Greatest Quality

Take a moment to really feel good about yourself.

ISIS Releases "Message To David Cameron" Video From Fighter With British Accent

Militants claim to kill five British "spies" in the propaganda video.

Would DJ Khaled Be Proud Of You?

Do you give thanks?

Does Your Family Have Embarrassing Terms For Bathroom Stuff?

"Anybody gotta tinkle before we leave?" — MY EMBARRASSING MOM.

16 Lies Everyone Tells

"I love you even more than my cat."

What Does Love Feel Like?

“Like when the oven goes off to let you know the pizza’s done.”

Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny OITNB Quotes

[Waits patiently for "Orange Is The New Black" to return].

People Live In Solitary Confinement For 24 Hours

“I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

This Guy Went Out On New Year's Eve And Woke Up In A Nursing Home

"dunnoooo about anyone else but i started off 2016 LARGE"

What You Need To Know About What The Hell Is Going On With Simon Danczuk

A potted summary of why newspapers are going Danczuk crazy.

This Melon Used To Sell For $24 A Slice. Should It Make A Comeback?

During the early 20th century, the Montreal melon was a culinary delicacy and an agricultural moneymaker. But as industrial farming took hold, the hard-to-grow fruit went the way of the dodo bird. What one farmer’s attempt to revive it says about taste and technology.

The New And Improved Eva Longoria

A decade after Desperate Housewives put her on the map, Eva Longoria is back with a new TV show, a renewed mission in life, and the wisdom to know how they can work in tandem.

Improve Your Life In 2016 With A BuzzFeed Life Challenge!

Take control with one of BuzzFeed's lifestyle challenges!

The Aftermath Of A Marine's Conviction In The Death Of A Philippine Trans Woman

Trans sex workers in Olongapo, Philippines still don’t disclose their trans status to clients, even though a U.S. Marine was recently convicted of killing a Filipina sex worker upon discovering she was trans. Since the conviction — for the lesser charge of homicide — locals are eager to reestablish normal relations with U.S. troops. But will sex workers remain vulnerable?

21 People Making The Most Of This Gift Called Life

There go our heroes. Watch them as they go.

15 Times Blake Lively's Hair Made You Weep With Joy

BB, come here and let us caress those tresses.

25 Delicious Reasons You Should Eat More Miso

Soup is just the beginning.

17 Underrated Everyday Products That'll Change Your Life In 2016

And you get one, and you get one, and you get one!

The 11 Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs Of All Time

If your favorite isn't here, it's probably #12.

Dude, Here's How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

And all this shit is super easy.

7 Easy Organizing Tricks You'll Actually Want To Try

Forget big resolutions, just pick a few tiny changes to make.

27 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Nail Polish

You can’t remember a time when you weren’t searching for the perfect base and top coat.

Toddler Becomes First Known Victim Of Refugee Crisis In 2016

The two-year-old boy drowned off the coast of Greek island Agathonisi.

Ce Belge a été totalement dépassé par le succès de sa photo pour 2016

«Un peu de légèreté pour le début de l'année ne faisait pas du mal et je suis super heureux que ça soit dû à cette photo.»

17 chiens qui savent à quel point c'est dur de manger au resto

L'attente interminable avant d'enfin avoir son plat...

32 photos de 1973 qui montrent à quel point New York était magnifique

Il y a plus de 40 ans, le World Trade Center se dressait majestueusement sur le Lower Manhattan.

U.K. Government Presses China Over British Bookseller Missing In Hong Kong

Lee Bo, who holds a British passport, is one of five missing people who work for a publishing company believed to be working on a book about Chinese President Xi Jinping's love life.

15 Songs That Are Now 20 In 2016

Warning: This may make you feel old

A "Revenge Reshuffle" Could Lead To Labour Becoming A "Cult", Warns Shadow Minister

Michael Dugher has warned Jeremy Corbyn that the party should be a "broad church", not a "religious cult".

La débauche du Nouvel An élevée au rang d'art dans cette photo

«On dirait une peinture de la Renaissance.»

These Portraits Reveal The Brutal Beauty Of Dance

Photographer Rick Guest lays bare the hidden strengths of professional dance.

Nigel Farage Fears Someone Tried To "Assassinate" Him In France

The Ukip leader said that French police told him that the wheels on his Volvo had been loosened.

Cricket Mourns Death Of Matthew Hobden Aged Just 22

England's bowling coach said he was "certain" Matthew Hobden would have played for England.

16 Computer-Kabel, die Kinder heute ratlos zurück lassen

Ist das ein VGA Kabel in Deiner Hose oder freust Du Dich so, mich zu sehen?

Are You A Boy Named Troy Or Are You Troy Bolton?

The eternal question for the Troys out there.

Militia Members Take Over Federal Government Building In Oregon

The large group occupied buildings at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The occupation was part of a larger protest against the federal government and the impending imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers.

Which Disney Villain Should Be Your Sugar Daddy?

The quiz you never knew you needed.


Check out these pics of my epic Eurotrip adventure!!!!!!

Can You Match These Katy Perry Songs To Their Albums?

♫ Shut up and put your money where your mouth is, let's see how well you do on this quiz. ♫

23 momentos de euforia que hemos compartido todas las obsesas del maquillaje

¿Por qué es tan guay ver como otras se maquillan?

19 personas que han tenido un día peor que el tuyo

Quién les ha robado el mes de abril.

When You're Not Over Your Ex

I am so over him...who's that girl he's with?

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