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A Dad Of Four Girls Had A Total Meltdown When He Learned He Was Having A Son

Excited is an understatement.

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To say that Julio Pena is outnumbered in his household is a bit of an understatement.

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The 38-year-old dad from New York has four daughters with his wife Kari, ABC 7 reported.

The dad to Chastity, 16, Christalyn, 13, Nayalyn, 8, and Nakayla, 7, told the station that of course he loves being a dad to girls.

But, he definitely also has wanted a son.

"They have control here. I walk through that door, it's like..." he said with a laugh.

So when Kari Pena became pregnant with her fifth child, the family decided to have a party to reveal if they would have a son. Chastity was the only one who knew the sex, ABC 7 reported, and created a cake to reveal it.

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The family then filmed the couple cutting into the cake.

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The big moment was later posted on YouTube.

The excited dad was so nervous, he was holding his head in his hands for a bit.

They cut the cake, to reveal they are having a boy!

Pena, of course, FREAKED OUT. In fact he was so excited, he fainted.

Pena told ABC News he "collapsed and fainted at the same time."

"I seen the color, but my mind started playing games with me, I'm like, wait a minute that's the color, oh my God it's a boy," he told ABC 7. "Next thing you know I just passed out."

The happy dad told ABC 7 he has "been waiting for this a long time, a long time."

Some of the Pena family members at the party.

Some of the Pena family members at the party.

"I always wanted a boy, but I've got my girls, for my little football team," he said.

Kari Pena told ABC 7 that she is overjoyed to welcome her son as well.

"Finally something blue, cars..I'm tired of shopping for Barbies and dolls and things like that," she said.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the couple for comment.

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