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January 22, 2016

Here's Why You Still Love High School Musical

Happy 10th anniversary, HSM!

Which Disney/Pixar-Inspired Room Makeover Do You Deserve?

If you're a complete Disney/Pixar maniac, you'll love this.



マフラーいらず? 首にペットを巻く人続出


この「モコモコ」は羊かな? それともアルパカかな?


The Most Astonishing Stories You Need To Read This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Anita Badejo unpacks the complexities of reporting sexual assaults at historically black colleges. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

Common Word Brain Farts

"It's like a soft, yellow boomerang."

Lauren Cohan's 19 Steps To Surviving A Horror Movie

The star of The Boy tells you how to make it one more day.

Kansas Lawmaker Bans "Low-Cut Necklines And Miniskirts" For Female Witnesses

Sen. Mitch Holmes said he considered enforcing a dress code for male witnesses, but decided men don't need guidance.

Terry McAuliffe: I Agree With Donald Trump... On GOP Loyalty Oath

"It smacks me the wrong way. I agree with Donald Trump," Virginia's Democratic governor said.

Alleged Harasser Gets Honorific Title At UC Berkeley

After resigning, Geoff Marcy has a new title, the university confirmed.

Can We Guess Your Fave Disney Villain Song Based On Your Fave Taylor Swift Song?

"Cause baby now we've got bad blood," screamed Maleficent.

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

19 Fotos increíblemente satisfactorias para los amantes del delineador

Cuando logras las alas perfectas al primer intento.

How Can You Tell If Someone Likes You?

Because you can't continue on in this awkward, sexual limbo.

17-Year-Old Suspect Charged With Murder In Canada School Shooting

Four people killed in the La Loche, Canada, school shooting were identified by authorities. Seven others were injured from the Friday shooting.

Black Lives Matter Activist: Flint Water Crisis Should Be A Signature Issue

“Clean water is a human right. And I think that part what happens often times is that poor black communities end up getting the shorter end of the stick."

12 Desgarradoras verdades que no sabías sobre Jurassic Park

¿Parque Jurásico? Más bien son MENTIRAS jurásicas.

How Over Winter Are You?

Not going to go outside until the temperature is higher than my age.

Cleveland Cavaliers Fire Head Coach Mid-Season

David Blatt is out after a season and a half.

16 Reactions To The Blizzard From People In New Hampshire

"Blizzard nightmare: losing power for the Pats game."

How Obsessed With "Game Of Thrones" Are You?

This quiz is dark and full of terrors.

Can You Pick The Right Blizzard Buddy?

You may be stuck with them for a while...

Bolivia's Second-Largest Lake Has Disappeared

Scientists say the evaporation of Lake Poopó serves as a warning about climate change and industrial interference.

Find Out Which Hilarious Dog GIF Is 100% You With Just One Question

There's a dog GIF out there for every personality.

The Push To Get Julian Castro On The Democratic Ticket Has Begun

The president of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez, will endorse Castro for vice president on the Democratic ticket at an event Saturday in San Antonio. More efforts are on the way.

Esto es lo que en realidad debes comer cuando tengas resaca

Una razón más para decir que la tostada con aguacate es algo divino.

Getting A Massage Shifted My Relationship With My Body

Letting my body be seen and touched seemed like the scariest thing I could ever do — but a massage turned out to be a necessary step in my recovery.

Here Are 10 Things That Are Less White Than The Oscars

Here are some things that are less white than the Oscars.

The Academy Has Announced How It Will Avoid Another #OscarsSoWhite Situation

Their "goal is to commit to doubling the number of women and diverse members of the Academy by 2020," according to a statement.

The Village Of Whitesboro Is Finally Changing Its Much Ridiculed Logo

After years of public criticism, the village finally realized their emblem does not look like a "friendly wrestling match."

Stop What You're Doing And Watch Paul Ryan's Official D.C. Snowfall Livestream

People came for the visuals of snow falling on Capitol Hill, but stayed for THE INCREDIBLE MUSIC.

When You're Canadian But You Don't Like Hockey

What do you mean there's no fourth period?

The Woman Behind The Most Timely Show On Television

Jennie Snyder Urman has turned The CW’s charming comedy into TV’s most topical show by creating an onscreen world that reflects — and comments on — our real world.

Dancing Kia Hamster Actor Pleads To Disability Fraud

Prosecutors said he received disability insurance and claimed to be unemployed while dancing for the Kia car commercials.

Encryption Aids Human Traffickers, Says California Lawmaker

To combat human trafficking, a California lawmaker wants to weaken encryption tools on mobile phones.

Starbucks Gives Up On The Teavana "Tea Bar" Business

The coffee company's short-lived foray into tea houses is coming to an end. The Teavana specialty shops will remain open.

19 Usuarios que puedes seguir en Snapchat además de tus aburridos amigos

Desde celebridades hasta bloggers, al final comprobarás que todos son mortales.

This Iconic American Image Is Now Owned By China

Visual China Group has purchased the image licensing company Corbis, which owns the rights to some of history's best-known images.

The Not Guilty Verdict In Canada's "Twitter Harassment Case" Has Opened The Floodgates For More Online Harassment

Gregory Alan Elliott was found not guilty of criminally harassing two Toronto-area feminist activists.

11 Ways To Perk Up Your Morning Coffee

If your relationship with your morning coffee is getting a bit on the dull side we have 11 ways to get that fire back!

Who Is Your Anime Boyfriend?

I did one for girls, so check it out! I'm not into guys, but someone requested for one... and I finally made it!

¿Eres más Televisa o Tv Azteca?

Este quiz dirá verdades muy importantes sobre tu personalidad.

19 coisas que você talvez não saiba sobre "Aladdin"

Incluindo a grande estrela do cinema em que o rosto de Aladdin se baseia.

27 aquários inacreditáveis que você desejaria ter em casa

Você sabia que aquários podiam ser tão fascinantes?

15 histórias de terror envolvendo vaginas que vão fazer você se contorcer

"Eu gritei quando minha ginecologista removeu 18 espinhos de minha vagina depois que caí por cima de uma roseira."

This Police Department Turned "Hotline Bling" Into A PSA About Saving Parking Spaces

"You need to call us from your cellphone late night when you see that cone."

41 coisas que você provavelmente não sabia sobre "Harry Potter e o prisioneiro de Azkaban"

Redações sobre personagens, aulas de baixo e ratos que fazem xixi.

Breaking Up: Women Vs. Men

How women and men handle a breakup.

When You Take A Joke Too Far

It’s all fun and games till…

A New Anti-LGBT Law Appears To Have Stalled In Russian Parliament — For Now

The bill that was scheduled to be debated on Friday would have effectively punished gays and lesbians for coming out.

58 Faces That Show How Beautifully Diverse Australia Is

Nah, we don't all look like Chris Hemsworth.

28 Vines That Will Remind You Life Is Not (Always) Terrible

Escape the avalanche, six seconds at a time.

19 Things Michiganders Know Are True

Showing everyone where you live by pointing at your hand is a given.

Gang Who Illegally Made And Sold Guns Including AK47-style Assault Rifles Jailed

'The capital is a safer place as a result of the network being dismantled.'

11 Shibas Who Would Please Like You To Go On

They don't always listen but when they do, they listen real good.

Donald Trump Lavished Praise On Teamsters Boss In 2000

"Let me tell you this: Unions still have a place in American society. In fact, with the globalization craze in full heat, unions are about the only political force reminding us to remember the American working family."

The Ways We Tried To Erase Each Other

Months after I voided my ex, he voided our relationship.

23 imagens que revelam a beleza oculta de São Paulo

Spoiler: este post NÃO contém a Ponte Estaiada.

16 Screenshots, bei denen Du Dich sofort alt fühlst

Oh nein, schon wieder das Mail-Postfach voll!

Ein Schwimmbad in Österreich sperrt Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund aus

Sie dürfen nur noch mit "entsprechenden Begleitpersonen" hinein.

Esta petición se viralizó luego de que el gobierno mexicano talara un manglar

En menos de 24 horas, más de 30,000 personas pidieron a la ONU que se retire a México la sede para la Convención sobre la Diversidad Biológica.

15 fotos de lo que los actores ven cuando están en el escenario

El fotógrafo Klaus Frahm ha documentado las panoramas reveladores vistos desde los escenarios de teatro.

Night Vs. Day Showers • Debatable

If you’re lucky enough to be able to shower every day, you probably have an opinion about what the best time is to take one

Bist Du Mehr Stefan Raab Oder Elton?

Bist du der Chef oder der Chefs Liebling?

What Does Your Choice Of Whiskey Say About You?

Do you get whiskey-ed away easily?

18 schöne Geschenke für Leute mit einer Leidenschaft für Frida Kahlo

„Ich überlasse Dir mein Porträt, damit Du meine Gegenwart in all den Tagen und Nächten, in denen ich Dir fern bin, spüren kannst.“

24 Tweets That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Student Debt

The cost of tuition in this country is too damn high.

17 Things All Lazy Couples Will Just Get

Netflix is an important and highly-valued part of your relationship.

18 Insanely Clever Tips For Writing Headlines That'll Make People Feel Things

Headlines to flex: I Asked XX BuzzFeed Geniuses How To Write Perfectly Crafted Headlines And Here's What Happened // XX BuzzFeed Geniuses Share Their All-Time Best Headline Writing Tips // 18 Ridiculously Useful Headline Writing Tips That Will Make Your Stories Go Crazy Viral // 18 Painfully Brilliant Headline Tips From BuzzFeed Writers // How To Give Good Headline (Graphic, NSFW)

G4S May Have Breached Contract Amid Abuse Allegations At Youth Prison

BuzzFeed News has learned the Ministry of Justice is "looking into" whether G4S staff broke the terms of its contract at Medway. We also reveal that members of staff were sacked after guards used vile language to describe children in their care.

8 Super Romantic Ways To Tell Someone You Love Them

For when you know it's true love.

21 peluches adorables pour les grandes personnes


3 graphiques moches qui montrent le revirement de Sarkozy sur le mariage gay

Il voulait abroger la loi Taubira, maintenant il ne veut plus y toucher.

19 Healthy Drinks Your Bartender Won't Hate You For Ordering

A Bloody Mary is a vital part of your five a day.

Man Uses Obituary To Ask People Not To Vote For Donald Trump

"Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump."

Presenter Shuts Down Man Who Questioned Why There Were No Black Astronauts

The question came during a discussion on a radio show about the Oscars being boycotted by some African-American actors.

What Percent Voldemort Are You?

Can we even say your name out loud?

The Cast Of "The L Word" Have Aged Incredibly Well

Can you believe it's been 12 years since it first aired?

34 Celebridades que comparten la misma cara

Seguro fueron separados al nacer.

15 Cosas que jamás te imaginarías que podrían pasar en un OXXO

Puedes hacer recargas, pero también puedes buscar novio.

These Obscure Colleges Sign Up Thousands Of Foreign Students With Little Oversight

The little-known Northwestern Polytechnic University now enrolls more international students than almost any other U.S. college.

L'ONU censure un plan d'aide pour la Syrie après consultation du régime d'Assad

BuzzFeed News a découvert que des références à des villes assiégées comme Madaya avaient été supprimées d'un rapport d'aide après consultation du régime.

Canadian Companies Have A Dope Idea For Selling Marijuana Worldwide

They've been lobbying politicians to take Canadian weed worldwide.

La charcuterie a enfin l'hommage qu'elle mérite

En vers, ET en alexandrins. Parce qu'elle le mérite.

Jeb Bush Says It's "Not Appropriate" For Palin To Blame Obama For Son's Actions

"It's a national tragedy, all of us I think have a responsibility to roll up our sleeves — I don't think blaming the president is appropriate."

Donald Rumsfeld Launched A Winston Churchill Solitaire App

It's a version of solitaire Churchill played.

Guilt And Shame As A UI Design Element

Everything from mailing list opt-outs to ad blockers is now designed to give you a guilt trip.

23 Photos Canadians Will Instantly Relate To

Good and bad. [Insert crappy Tim Hortons bagel].

Here's The Feminist Advice Lucille Ball Gave To Carol Burnett

"She said to me, 'Kid, that is when they put the 'S' on the end of my last name.'"

On sait ce que sont devenues vos bonnes résolutions

On sait que vous les avez déjà abandonnées.

10 fatos da vida de quem nunca fica doente

Nem você sabe qual é o seu segredo.

12 poderes que você tentou desenvolver na vida real por causa de desenho

Há quem tente fazer algum funcionar até hoje.

Here's How People LOL Differently Around The World

In Japan they write WWWW. In Thailand they type 5555.

How Much British History Do You Actually Know?

So many King Edwards. So many.

How Totally Obsessed With Nutella Are You?

Would you dip carrots in it? What about put it on pizza?

14 Cosas que solo las mujeres de pechos pequeños entenderán

"No, no es un sostén de entrenamiento".

This Guy Challenged T.I. To An "Anti-Gravity Hat-Off" And Hilarity Ensued

The king of the sideways hat has been challenged.

The Police Are Just As Likely To Believe Policing Myths As Everyone Else

In a new study, police officers scored no better than the general public on a true-or-false test about the legal system – despite being more confident in their answers.

Photographer Gregory Crewdson Releases Haunting New Series

"Cathedral of the Pines" will be the photographer's first time releasing work in years.

Ce panel sur les femmes d'affaires à Davos est surréaliste

On vous donne la recette en 10 points pour organiser, comme à Davos, le meilleur panel possible.

Shaq Surprised A Group Of Kids After A Video Of Them Playing Basketball With A Cop Went Viral

"I became a cop to help people, and these kids will never forget the day Shaq rolled up to their neighborhood and played basketball with them."

European Politicians Want A British Man On Death Row In Ethiopia To Be Freed

The European parliament has officially called for Andy Tsege's release, but the British government has yet to do so.

Labour Investigated For Failing To Declare That The EdStone Cost Almost £8,000

The party could receive a fine for failing to submit the receipts of the giant monolith to the independent regulator on time.

Where's The Most Haunted Place You've Ever Heard Of?

Because haunted houses aren’t just in the movies.

A Man Has Had A Six-Metre Tapeworm Taken Out Of His Bumhole

The dangers of eating raw beef, guys.

These Were The Biggest Videos And Trends Of Vine's Past Year

As the six-second social video platform approaches its third anniversary, it released the most-looped Vines and biggest trends from its past year.

We Know How Much Of A Virgin You Are

Have you been touched for the very first time?

Weekend Reads - Jan. 22

Our special guest this week is BuzzFeed Philippines editor Matt Ortile, talking about some of his favorite recent stories.

27 Hilarious Tweets About Med School That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

"I sincerely regret every nap I passed up on as a child."

All The "Star Wars" Fan Art You Didn't Know You Needed

You have the feels, we have the art.

A Hilariously Accurate Guide To Dog Owners In New York City

A hilarious guide to the ~breeds~ of New York City dog owners drawn by illustrator and cartoonist David Ostow.

28 Cosas que cambiarían si Los Simpson fueran argentinos

Siempre los vimos un poco argentinos. Pero así serían argentinos del todo.

30 Vivid Photos From London’s Punk Past

Punk London is a year-long festival celebrating 40 years of icons and fans in the capital.

Les galères des «sans permis» résumées en images

Quand vous devez aller à Ikea!!!!!!!!!

Ces photos dévoilent le racisme qui vise les actrices et acteurs blancs

Ils subissent des discriminations à répétition à cause de leur couleur de peau.

Can You Identify These Football Manager Wonderkids?

Time to see just how mis-spent your youth actually was.

What's Going On Around The World Today

The East Coast of the U.S. is getting ready for a massive winter storm. A U.S. Supreme Court Justice says it’s time to reconsider the death penalty. And you may not know Diane Warren, but you almost certainly know her songs.

11 drinks com catuaba que você nunca tinha pensado em fazer

Você já conheceu a Catupirinha e a Catutônica. Agora é hora de dar uma chance para a Juruaba e ao Catulé.

22 vezes em que uma imagem vale mais que mil palavras

Porque se sentir mágoa fosse bom mesmo, a gente ganhava alguma coisa com isso. As imagens são da página Balãozinhos.

On a retrouvé ceux qui ont fait couler un drone au fond du Canal Saint-Martin

Les agents de la ville de Paris ont trouvé un drone au fond de l'eau, vraisemblablement la faute à une pub tournée en 2012.

32 Things Karl Pilkington Has 100% Actually Said

"That's what praying is, really. A posh moan."

What Is Your Eyesight Score?

Look carefully, now.

17 trucs que comprendront toutes celles qui se sont déjà fait des mèches

Pour toutes celles dont l'idole capillaire était Kelly Clarkson.

Charlotte Rampling Calls Oscars Boycott "Racist To White People"

“One can never really know, but perhaps the black actors did not deserve to be on the final list,” the Academy Award nominee told French radio. UPDATE: This post now contains Rampling's comment that her words were "misinterpreted."

14 Surprising Entries On This Year's Tatler List

The definitive guide to who really matters in high society.

Eduardo Suplicy dançou valsa com uma formanda trans e postou uma foto em seu Facebook

"Eu, pela primeira vez na vida, assim como o Prefeito Fernando Haddad, dancei uma valsa com a transcidadã Paula Costa."

You Won't Believe The Censor Board's Cuts For "Kya Kool Hai Hum 3"

The replaced the word "dick" with "encyclopedia", you guys.

24 Hilarious Tweets About Food That Are The Story Of Your Life

"I'm at my most desperate when food comes and it's too hot to eat".

At Least 42 Refugees Killed When Two Boats Sink Off Greek Coast

In addition to those killed, 66 people were rescued from the two accidents in the Aegean Sea.

16 choses qui résument la relation que toutes les femmes ont avec leur jean

Faire des efforts considérables pour essayer d'enlever un jean trop serré.

21 Geburtstagstorten, die dafür sorgen, dass Dein Kind in Therapie muss

Nimm das gesparte Geld, das Du nicht für eine schöne Torte ausgegeben hast, und stecke es in einen Therapie-Fonds für Dein Kind.

16 coisas que os atendentes de telemarketing não querem que você saiba

O senhor poderia estar lendo esse artigo? Senhor?

We Know What Celebrity You Fantasize About

♫ I love to love you, baby ♫

49 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping In Lush

Why is nobody else picking things up and smelling them?

15 prazeres delinquentes que só morar sozinho te permite

A maravilhosa vida adulta em que você toma sorvete direto do pote.

Prosecutors To Review Death Of 13-Month-Old Girl As Father Leaves The Country

A family court judge ruled that toddler Poppi Worthington died after being sexually abused, but no one was arrested or charged. The CPS is now looking at the file again.

Litvinenko Murder Suspect Calls Inquiry "Nonsense"

"You know, it's more likely that the moon will become part of the Earth, than that I will be extradited from Russia," Andrei Lugovoi said.

UK To Allow Gay Couples' Marital Status On Overseas Death Certificates

Exclusive: When a British man's husband died on honeymoon in Australia last week, the death certificate read "never married". In response, the British government has announced a change in policy to prevent this from happening again.

Government Offers Junior Doctors New Weekend Pay Deal In Bid To End Dispute

A leaked letter from lead NHS Employers negotiator Sir David Dalton shows major concessions could be made over weekend pay.



Do You Know What Happened In The News This Week?

Twenty-one people died in an attack at a University in Pakistan, Michigan's governor apologized for the ongoing water crisis in Flint, and astronomers think they discovered a new planet. Take the BuzzFeed News quiz, made from stories featured in the BuzzFeed News app and the BuzzFeed News newsletter this week.

A Guy Asked People Not To Vote For Donald Trump In His Obituary

"Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump."

Two Arrested Following Fatal Stabbing Of A Man On His Way To Work

Daniel Young, from Morden, London was heading towards the station on his way into work when he was stabbed to death. A second man arrested on Thursday is being held in custody.

Watch This Badass Bride Totally Nail A Wedding Haka

The traditional dance was performed by guests as a sign of respect towards the new couple.

17 Tweets About Trying To Eat Healthy That Are Pretty Funny

Lunch and I are happy to welcome our child into the world: Baby halloumi.

George Galloway Dismisses Claim Putin Ordered Murder Of Alexander Litvinenko

"We need Putin, who is by the way the most popular politician on the planet with public opinion poll ratings in the 80 percents."

What Percentage Dog Are You?

You're looking quite...fetching.

Meet The Man With His Finger On The Nuclear Button

Lt Cmdr Woods said it would be an "honour and a burden" to fire a 60-tonne missile with 12 nuclear warheads.

Man Has To Give Police 24 Hours Notice Before Having Sex

The man, who can't be named for legal reasons, has to tell North Yorkshire police about any sexual activity at 24 least hours before it happens or will face up to five years in jail.

How Scientists Are Doing A Bait-And-Switch With Medical Data

Researchers are "choosing their lottery numbers after seeing the draw", making medicine less reliable – and respected journals are letting them do it.

Here's How To Have A Panel About Women At Davos

It's important to get the optics right – make sure you follow these steps for a super diverse panel!

Everyone's Obsessed With This Completely Wild Video Of A Kid Playing His Kazoo

They appear to have tracked the kid down, even though the clip's from 1989.

11 People You'll Definitely Work With At Some Point In Your Life

Warning: Some of these people may be disguised in suits.

Which One Is The Real Yankee Candle Name?

None of them make scents, but one of them is real.

23 Fotos, die wirklich jeden Mitarbeiter in der IT zufriedenstellen

Ein wenig Glück für die wahren Helden des 21. Jahrhunderts.

U.S. Student Arrested In North Korea Accused Of Anti-State Acts

The secretive country's state news agency said authorities had detained a University of Virginia student identified as "Warmbier Otto Frederick."

La page Facebook de cette maison de retraite pour chiens est merveilleuse

Si vous aimez les chiens, abonnez-vous tout de suite.

18 cosas que descubriste en la Universidad

No sé si esto son mis apuntes de Audiovisual o una transcripción del Necronomicón.

31 razones por las que amamos a Chelo García Cortés

Cantora no la quiere. Nosotros sí.

Outrage After Someone Taped Racist Messages To The Window Of This Woman's Shop

"We thought that this no longer existed," the manager of the shop told BuzzFeed News.

Before "Lean On", A 20-Year-Old Diplo Visited India For Very Different Reasons

Just goes to show that everybody starts somewhere. Oh, and that Diplo is the nicest guy ever.

Au Caire, la police égyptienne fouille les comptes Facebook en série

À la veille des 5 ans de la révolution, les habitants du centre-ville racontent que les forces de sécurité viennent fouiller leurs appartements et demandent à voir leurs comptes Facebook.

Everybody Needs Harry Potter DJ Names In Their Life!

Diagod Alley presents... In association with Butter Beer... DJ Sinister Severus! Tonight only!

27 tuits que explican cómo es la vida en la biblioteca universitaria

Aquí hemos venido a encontrar el amor y el resultado nos da igual.

Everything You Need To Know About Japan's Amazing Photo Booths

Welcome to the bizarre and adorable world of purikura.

This Woman's Heartfelt Facebook Post About Being Shamed While On Her Period Has Gone Viral

"This post is for all the women who offered to help me hide my womanhood. This post is for all the men who ogled at me. I AM NOT ASHAMED."

14 Times Indian Films Taught Me How To Handle Fuckboys

Sometimes, they're not that regressive at all.

UN Deleted Key Parts Of Aid Plan After Consulting Assad Regime

BuzzFeed News has established that references to besieged towns such as Madaya were deleted from a key aid report after consultation with the regime.

This Vet Is Nursing Baby Animals Back To Health After Terrible Bushfires

Many native Australian animals have been left injured after bushfires in Western Australia.

National Review Disinvited From GOP Debate After Publishing Anti-Trump Issue

The publisher of the conservative magazine says he wasn't surprised the Republican National Committee disinvited it from an upcoming GOP debate: "After all, it's their party and they can deprive [it] if they want to."

If You Liked The "Deadpool" Trailer, You NEED To Watch Its Official Hindi Dub

You really need to watch this even if you didn't.

These Five Questions Will Tell You What Percent Slytherin You Are

Repeat after me: Not all Slytherins are "evil".

We Know Which "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Villain You Are

Whatever the outcome, you know Buffy's coming for you.