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    Miranda Lambert Performed An Unreleased Song After Finally Feeling "Damaged Enough" To Sing It

    *Cries all the tears*

    Devastated by a crippling high-profile divorce, 2015 was a rather trying year for country queen Miranda Lambert.

    Now moving on from the past year, Miranda channeled the pain and hardship into debuting an unreleased ballad called "Scars."

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    During the unplugged show at Nashville's City Winery, Miranda said she wasn't even sure if she could make it through the performance without crying, adding:

    "I was never damaged enough to sing a song called 'Scars.' It's something you have to sell and really feel — and go through shit, basically — to execute."

    The emotionally charged song compares scars to the damage life can bring anyone opening themselves to love.

    Although Miranda revealed the song was written 16 years ago by her bandmate Scotty Wray, the ballad's lyrics are especially haunting given the heartbreak she went through this past year.

    Stay strong and keep using music to get you through these hard times, Miranda!