A Monkey In India Has Adopted A Puppy And They're Adorably Inseparable

    Prepare for some gut-wrenching cuteness.

    This rhesus macaque monkey has adopted a stray pup, and they live together on a New Delhi street.

    Tamil daily Dinamalar and Zee News report that the mommy-child pair is getting a lot of attention from locals, who are mesmerised and touched by their bond.

    They often give the duo food.

    And she always makes sure her little doggo is fed first.

    She grooms and takes care of it like her own child.

    She's very, very protective of the puppy too, and scares off any stray dogs that come too close to her baby.

    But, of course, the unplanned new child doesn't stop her from continuing her branch-swingin' regular monkey life. 🙉