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The Government Can't Spell "Language" As It Announces Language Tests For Migrants

Well, this isn't at all embarrassing.

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On Monday, David Cameron sat down with a group of Muslim women in Leeds and announced a £20 million fund to teach migrant women how to speak English.

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The prime minister said it was all part of his plan to help Muslim women feel less isolated and to prevent radicalisation.

The government has twice made cuts to ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) courses in the past five years.

The prime minister also said that the spouses and parents who join their families in the UK on "family route" visas would have to take a language test after two and a half years. If they failed it, they could be kicked out of the UK.

The Home Office has now published the announcement about the language test and then made a brilliantly embarrassing spelling mistake.

UK Govt / Via

Here it is, in case you missed it.

UK Govt / Via

The test fulfils a pledge in the Conservative party's manifesto, which said all migrants who come to the UK with a low level of English must become more fluent over time.

Twitter users have been having lots of fun pointing out the government's glaring error. "Quick! Deport the Home Office!"

Quick! Deport the Home Office!

A lot of people have suggested language lessons for the Home Office's press team.

The @ukhomeoffice launch language test for immigrants, maybe they should launch spelling tests for the press office

Others think it's an inside job and that there's a migrant-loving staffer slipping in typos for fun.

I like to think there's someone human working at the Home Office who hates it and is quietly slipping typos into migrant baiting initiatives

While some have questioned whether migrants will have to become adept to the Home Office's own style of spelling, too.

When Cameron tests Muslim women, will he be asking them to spell language the proper way or the Home Office way?

Although there was a minority trying to be helpful. We're assuming the typo error was to make the press officers feel more at ease.

@ukhomeoffice For you information, you may wish to correct the spelling of "langauge" in this news story.

Anyway, better luck next time. 😂

David Cameron, on the hunt for typos.
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David Cameron, on the hunt for typos.

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