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    This Woman's Heartfelt Facebook Post About Being Shamed While On Her Period Has Gone Viral

    "This post is for all the women who offered to help me hide my womanhood. This post is for all the men who ogled at me. I AM NOT ASHAMED."

    On January 17, Anushka Dasgupta wrote this Facebook post about how she got a lot of unwanted attention in public after accidentally staining her pants while on her period.

    Facebook: anushka.dasgupta.37

    Dasgupta wrote about how she was ogled by men and approached by women asking her to pull her shirt down. She was even offered a sanitary napkin by one stranger.

    Anushka Dasgupta

    "I was so upset, and genuinely pissed thanks to all the men ogling at me and the women looking at me with this weird kind of sympathy like THEY were embarrassed and personally offended because of MY bloodstain," Dasgupta told BuzzFeed.

    The post was liked and shared thousands of times. "I definitely didn't expect it to go viral. I've always been branded a 'feminazi' and all I expected this post to bring in was an unreal amount of hate," she said.

    "My friends and strangers have written to me appreciating the post. The only thing I wanted to do by putting it up was to start constructive discussion around menstrual stigma, and that's been happening."

    Dasgupta went on to mention, "The hate has been coming mostly from women, which is weird, and a few thick-headed shits who think that my post is meant to encourage women to bleed all over public property."

    "It's been disturbing and has really gotten me thinking about the kind of world we're creating for ourselves."

    Dasgupta said that her biggest takeaway has been how her grandmother opened up to her because of the post.

    "When I showed her the post, my grandmom opened up to me about menstrual stigma in her times, what she thought about it, and how traumatic her experiences were. She's opening up to me about things she hasn't ever spoken about in her 71 years thanks to this post. THAT outweighs all the hate. THAT helps me ensure that this post doesn't become just another internet gimmick."

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