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10 Badass Hairstyles You Need To Try Immediately

Rock on, girl.

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With the styling and help of Sarah Dougherty, BuzzFeed Top Knot created 10 badass hairstyles that anyone can rock.

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Here's how to get each look:

1. The Faux Undercut

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Place a side or deeper side part, and section off the portion desired to pin under.

-Take the remainder of hair and clip it up off your neck and out of the way.

-For a sleek look, mist section to be pinned with water and then use a lightweight styling cream (or pomade for thicker, coarser hair), and comb through until evenly distributed.

-Comb section back behind ear and secure at the nape of the neck by cross-hatching bobby pins in an x shape for extra security.

-Release the rest of the hair so pins are hidden. Use lightweight hairspray to smooth any flyaways.

2. The Punk Pomp

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Section hair into four sections: a base and center top to create the pomp, and two side sections to be slicked back.

-Start with top section up and out of way. Either lightly mist side sections with a lightweight hairspray for a softer look on fine hair, or for more sleek sides, wet and use styling cream or pomade like in look one.

-Comb through, then bring the side sections taught and straight back. Secure near the crown of the head once again by cross-hatching bobby pins in x formation.

-Then starting from back of the center section, direct hair upward and gently tease/ back comb with a rat tail comb or teasing brush.

-Mist with hairspray. Gently brush back the center section from the top to form a pomp and secure with bobby pins.

-Spray to set.

3. Grunge Buns

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Brush your hair and create center part from your forehead to the nape of your neck.

-Lightly spray sections with hairspray and brush while directing hair upward into high pigtails.

-Separate each pigtail into two to three sections depending on thickness of hair.

-Slightly back comb each section to help create more fullness to buns if needed.

-Pin one section at a time in different directions to create a more messy texture

-Leave out some ends or use fingers to gently pull out some hair for a more textured finish.

4. The Punk Bun

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Part and section off any fringe or hair you wish to leave out and pin the section.

-Create two lower ponytails with the remaining hair. One should be about two inches above the other.

-One at a time, back comb each ponytail from underneath to help form a loop shape.

-Tuck the hair under itself to create loop and secure with bobby pins at scalp (under loop shape so it's hidden).

-Leave out the ends of the sections to create spiky pieces and spray with hairspray.

-Pin back bangs into bun if a more finished look is desired.

5. The Safety Braids

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Create a C-shaped part on the side of your head, and clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

-Part the C-shaped section again (following the C-shape already created) so you have two even sections.

-Pin the top section out of the way. Before braiding, smooth the section with lightweight styling cream or a spray wax to help reduce flyaways.

-Start French Dutch-braiding the section (A Dutch braid is when you cross pieces under each other instead of over which helps create the raised braid effect).

-Braid it tightly and add small sections gradually for a more raised effect. Braid until reaching the nape of your neck, then tie the braid.

-Repeat with the top section, but don't tie it off.

-Remove the bottom rubber band and French braid the two sections together.

-Place safety pins if desired and finish the remaining side of hair as your please.

6. The Pinned Pomp

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Start with four sections from the crown of your head where the ponytail will be placed. You should have two triangular side sections, a base, and a top center section for the pomp.

-Starting with the side sections, French braid or fishtail (seen here) them and secure with a rubber band at the crown of your head.

-Tease the base section and secure it to your braided sections to create a ponytail.

-Tease/back comb the center section to create volume and a pomp. Lightly brush to smooth and secure with pins.

-Wrap any extra length around the ponytail to hide rubber bands and secure with pins underneath.

-Tease your pony for extra volume and place safety pins into braids if desired.

7. The Knot Hawk

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Section off the front of your hair into the center mid-section of your hairline.

-Create two to three more ponytails at the center of your head in a mohawk formation. The lowest should be slightly above the nape of your neck

-Starting at the front, Dutch-braid your hair, adding in hair from each pony as you reach it.

-Continue braiding all the way down and band off.

-Roll the end of your braided pony under itself and secure with pins at the nape of your neck.

-Use your fingers to loosen and separate the roll along your hawk formation and use hair pins to tuck in extra hair from the sides to hide your ponytails.

8. The Sex Pistol

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Depending on length of your hair, use a curling wand to curl your hair away from the face.

-Using your hands, tousle your hair and spray with a light spray wax or texture spray to create a more grungy texture.

-Use your fingers to separate the curls and create a more relaxed look.

9. The Scene Queen

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Starting at the bottom of your hair working up, spray sections of your hair with hairspray near the base and tease (a lot).

-To place in colored extensions, gently back comb your hair right at the scalp and spray with hairspray to create a base for the hair extension clips to secure into.

-A traditional "scene" look has much shorter layers on top, so for this look our model looked more '80s than scene. If you have longer layers pin them to the side or tease more to shorten appearance of top layers.

10. The Rock Hawk

BuzzFeed Top Knot

How to get the look:

-Wet your hair from your scalp to mid-shaft, then brush it straight up into sections along center of your head.

-Place your hair in small ponytails in mohawk formation (however many desired).

-Knot each section through itself creating a knot-like bun which hides the pony.

-Secure each knot with a couple pins.

-Tease the ends of each knot and use a heavy finishing spray, hair spray, or wax to spike them up.

-Repeat with each pony section, and use hair pins for extra security as needed.

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