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    You Can Now Take Sriracha Everywhere With These On-The-Go Packets

    *shoves 78 of them in my purse*

    Great news, people who love Sriracha more than anything.

    The sauce you'd trade your firstborn for is now available in handy, on-the-go, single-serving packets.

    Sriracha2Go / Via


    It's a new product made by the people who brought you Sriracha2Go (the tiny refillable Sriracha bottles that come on a keychain) in partnership with Huy Fong Foods, the company that makes Sriracha.

    Sriracha2Go / Via

    Sriracha2Go hinted at the new product on Twitter, then made the big announcement the following day.

    Hotter than a fantasy. Tomorrow. #livethespicylife #keepitspicy

    The packets are available in a 50 pack for $14.99, or a 200 pack for $34.99.

    Sriracha2Go / Via

    (Which is kind of a great deal, right???)

    Rejoice. Now you never have to go anywhere without your fave sauce again.