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Here's How To Have A Panel About Women At Davos

It's important to get the optics right – make sure you follow these steps for a super diverse panel!

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3. Now, it is very important to have a diverse panel. So make sure you have a Man With Brown Hair.

Men With Brown Hair are essential to your business and you don't want them to feel unappreciated.

5. The next step is to find a Man With Glasses to participate on your Lady Panel.

Men With Glasses have to overcome a lot of adversity to make it in the business world, so they have a lot to teach us.


8. Now, everyone knows that CEOs are an extremely diverse bunch. For example, notice the different ways they hold their hands.

These four men represent all of major Things People Do With Their Hands While Sitting Down communities.

See you next time, Davos!

Standard #Davos: female moderator, 4 male CEO panelists. Here’s one on women’s equality, srsly.


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