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You Need To Try This Bagel Grilled Cheese Immediately

Is this what love feels like?

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Hey pals. It's been a long week. We've had our trials and tribulations. But I've got good news for you.

This inside-out bagel grilled cheese exists.

apeikon / Via

You can get it at Sadelle's, a Jewish deli in NYC that knows bagels are best when they are UNLIMITED and come in a massive fucking tower.

Instagram: @perrilumish

That perfectly toasted exterior.

Instagram: @nytfood

That beautiful, melty cheese.

Instagram: @foodporndaily1

And because it's inside-out, all those tasty seeds stay where they're supposed to.

IRL, it got mixed reviews from BuzzFeed editors Emily Fleischaker and Alison Roman who ate one at Sadelle's for breakfast this morning:

Probably best if you try it for yourself. And if you don't live in NYC, Food52 has a recipe.

It's OK to cry. Shhh.

Julia Reinstein for BuzzFeed / Disney / @nytfood

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