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This Guy Teamed Up With An Acid Attack Survivor To Create A Stirring Music Video

Wake up.

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Project Kranti is an initiative started by New Delhi musician Saksham Leekha, which makes "cause based" music videos to raise awareness about issues plaguing India.

Saksham Leekha

For their first music video, titled "Uth Jaag", Project Kranti teamed up with an NGO called Stop Acid Attacks. The video is entirely self-produced.

Saksham Leekha

The song, which was penned by Leekha himself, contains powerful lyrics which focus on some of the prevalent problems our country needs to address urgently.

Saksham Leekha

They also have a live crowdfunding campaign, which will be used to support the Stop Acid Attacks NGO and create more cause-based videos.

Saksham Leekha

Watch their video:

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