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This Story About Love In The Time Of War Will Melt You To A Mush Of Feels

Someone make a movie about them.

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This story of a 99-year-old war veteran and his 98-year-old wife is going viral on Humans of Bombay.

The couple, who fell in love when they were teens, were separated due to war for many years. The husband, a soldier, was almost killed a few times, once when a bullet deflected off this rifle of his. He survived to see her again.

Humans of Bombay

"When the war finally ended and I was going to meet her at the Guwahati station, my hair had fallen out and I had this yellowish skin. I wondered if she would still even love me. But when I saw her, she embraced me and said, 'You've never looked more handsome,'" he told Humans of Bombay.