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John Krasinski Plays A Game Of "Great Britain Or America?"

Britain's stealing him now, sorry.

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So when he visited BuzzFeed UK in London to discuss the movie this week we decided to play a game of "Great Britain or America" with him.


John Krasinski: Oh man, right off the bat. I've got to say I would go British. I've always been a huge fan of Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, and all those things. I grew up watching that as a kid, probably more than other American television, because sitcoms and stuff I was probably too young for but bizarrely I felt like the Brits understood me...

And then they took our idea for The Office and that succeeded really well. [Bursts out laughing.] I can't even say that with a straight face so I'm sorry. So entire career was launched using a British show, so I have to say British.


JK: One-hundred per cent pubs. You guys win. I'm so frustrated we can't get the pub thing going. I don't know if it's maybe a legal age thing? You guys are allowed kids. We don't really allow kids into our bars because we take our bar very seriously. When you're there, you're there to drink. And pubs, it's such an amazing thing. I'm blown away by the culture of it. Like on a Sunday afternoon with all these pubs and kids and games and everyone's having fun in there. And when we go to bars it's usually just to either watch a game or commiserate over a loss of a game. That's what we do.


JK: Beer? That's interesting. I think I'd have to go British on that too because we import a whole lot of beer and we have a ton of great beers at home but I've got to say your whole ale game changed the game for me... We have so many microbreweries and I'm a Sam Adams guy, being from Boston, but when you have the whole ale thing in there and they're super thick and warm and they have competitions about it, I'm into that. I'm into it.

JK: Movies? I will go with America on that. Because...I have to. [Laughs.] No, but also for me the most definitive thing in film, period, was the seventies movies, so everything from The Godfather to Jaws to The Verdict, which are all some of my favourite movies. They're all American movies so I'm going to go with America.

[BuzzFeed UK nods head in agreement.]

JK: I think that that is kind of like both. You guys have plenty going on politically, as we do too, and I think this is a really important time for the world of politics rather than just the countries themselves and the politics going on in the countries. So we'll do a team effort on that one.

Check out the game in full here.

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