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A Guy Asked People Not To Vote For Donald Trump In His Obituary

"Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump."

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A Pittsburgh chiropractor placed an unusual request in his obituary, published on Wednesday in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump."

He added that a donation to the Nimmo Educational Foundation would be acceptable.

The obituary says Cohen took pride in being "the only Jewish cowboy that he knew of".

It goes on to describe how he "became known as 'The Chiropractor to the Stars,' treating Gold Medal winning Olympians, members of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and the Pittsburgh Symphony, and professional boxers."

And it goes on: "He was also a voracious teller of jokes of all kinds, especially dirty and groan-inducing ones. He had a great smile and all his teeth were still his."

This seems to have become a trend. Earlier this month, an obituary of Ernest Overbey, a World War II war hero who ran an expedited delivery service, asked people to vote for Trump.

Thank you so much. Earnest must have been a great person.

There were a number of requests last year that people shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton. The husband of one of the people who made such a request, Elaine Fydrych, who died 13 Aug last year, told Fox News that "while her point was serious, she was making it in a typically tongue-in-cheek way."

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