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26 Things You Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Candles

Life goal: Own a Diptyque candle.

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2. But now you couldn't imagine anything more exciting.

Best Xmas present ever candles are my thang!!! #bathandbodyworks #heaven #

3. Because in your home, they just look so goddamn pretty.

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4. They make everything feel so goddamn cosy.

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5. They make staying in that much better.

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8. Of course, you also have proper candles. Candles that smell like "Bergamot" and "Freesia", and all that good shit.

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11. Getting a Diptyque candle is serious life goals.

when will someone love me enough to buy me a $90 diptyque candle

*prays for raise/rich bae/money to fall from the sky*


15. And because they don't always melt properly, they can cause a right waxy mess.

*scrapes of bits of wax off the floor from ten years ago*

16. Not to mention they don't last very long.

Don't you hate it when this happens to candles #candleproblems #yankeecandle #annoying

R.I.P "purple blossom delight" that smelt like happiness and love and all things good in the world.


21. So you're often found in the candle section during the sales.

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23. With candles, a bath isn't just a bath.

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It's "romantic relaxation".

25. A night in with your S.O isn't just a night in with your S.O.

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There will be sex. So much sex.