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26 Things You Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Candles

Life goal: Own a Diptyque candle.

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1. When you were younger, a candle was possibly the most boring gift you could ever receive.


Thanks nan.

2. But now you couldn't imagine anything more exciting.

Best Xmas present ever candles are my thang!!! #bathandbodyworks #heaven #

3. Because in your home, they just look so goddamn pretty.

Instagram: @dressyourhouse1

4. They make everything feel so goddamn cosy.

Instagram: @sammyhr

5. They make staying in that much better.

Instagram: @sharonescott

6. Every time you go to IKEA you can't help but pick up a stack of these bad boys.

7. And because tea lights are cheap AF, it's safe to say you've built yourself quite a collection.

Kelly Oakes

8. Of course, you also have proper candles. Candles that smell like "Bergamot" and "Freesia", and all that good shit.

Instagram: @thehealthcave

9. Although there's nothing better than a candle that smells like your favourite perfume.

10. Or just your favourite general life smell. Petrol candle anyone?

11. Getting a Diptyque candle is serious life goals.

when will someone love me enough to buy me a $90 diptyque candle

*prays for raise/rich bae/money to fall from the sky*

12. Because even when you're done with them, you know they'll come in use.

13. It's a crying shame when a beautifully shaped candle has to be used.

14. Because no matter how beautiful it was to start, it always ends up looking awful.

15. And because they don't always melt properly, they can cause a right waxy mess.

*scrapes of bits of wax off the floor from ten years ago*

16. Not to mention they don't last very long.

Don't you hate it when this happens to candles #candleproblems #yankeecandle #annoying

R.I.P "purple blossom delight" that smelt like happiness and love and all things good in the world.

17. So practically all of your money goes on restocking.

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images / Twitter: @dril

18. Which means you've considered buying those battery-operated tea lights instead.

No matches, no hazards, no mess.

No matches, no hazards, no mess.

19. But then you just can't, because none of them look as pretty as this.


One of the most satisfying things in the WORLD. THE WORLD.
Twitter: @galaxy_mahxne

One of the most satisfying things in the WORLD. THE WORLD.

21. So you're often found in the candle section during the sales.

Instagram: @_roxy_gurl

22. Buying candles with all kinds of candles on clearance with names that don't make any damn sense.

23. With candles, a bath isn't just a bath.

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It's "romantic relaxation".

24. Dinner isn't just dinner.

It's dinner in the 16th Century.
Remee Patel

It's dinner in the 16th Century.

25. A night in with your S.O isn't just a night in with your S.O.

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There will be sex. So much sex.

26. Everything is better, and everything just looks better.

Candles are why everyone on Game of Thrones looks so damn hot.

Candles are why everyone on Game of Thrones looks so damn hot.