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Where's The Most Haunted Place You've Ever Heard Of?

Because haunted houses aren’t just in the movies.

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Visiting a spooky destination isn't on ~everyone's~ bucket list, but if it's on yours, you've probably got some good places in mind.

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Maybe you want to visit the Winchester Mystery House in California, where a woman built a maze in her home to trap ghosts in the 1920s.

Flickr Creative Commons / re_nakaba / Via Flickr: 46608625@N02

Perhaps you'd like to walk the grounds of the Monte Cristo Homestead in Australia, believed to be the most haunted location in the entire country.

Flickr Creative Commons / 222am / Via Flickr: noituudenaika

Or maybe you're dying to visit the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, Mexico, where hundreds of dolls will peer at you behind ghostly eyes.

Flickr Creative Commons / Alejandro De La Cruz / Via Flickr: citoyen_du_monde_inc

So, whatever it is, tell us: Where's the most haunted place you've ever heard of?


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