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    Turns Out The Trick To Getting A Date With Justin Bieber Is Sending Him A Note

    You want a date? Write a note.

    Rebel Wilson and Kelly Osbourne are two fine women who know exactly what they want in life.

    And simply because they fucking can, the pair recently decided they wanted Justin Bieber.

    While in Las Vegas for Jennifer Lopez's show on Wednesday night, the pair decided to write a note to Biebs.

    Actually, they wrote two notes because they're smart ladies who understand the benefit of doubling their chances.

    And because he's not an idiot, Bieber was TOTALLY INTO IT.

    Or send him a semi-abusive tweet. Whatever works for you.

    But clearly it was a great idea because everyone was 100% into the Rebel/Justin/Kelly love.

    That's right, Justin even "had fun".

    And after the night was through, Rebel proved she has manners by thanking him.

    Moral of the story: never give up on your dreams, kids.