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    A List Of Things That Need To Chill Immediately

    Jan. 18–Jan. 22.

    1. Putin


    Chill with the (alleged) poisonings, man.

    2. Rick Owens

    FRANCOIS GUILLOT / Getty Images

    Rick, nobody needs a $500 phone charger.

    3. Fashion Week

    Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

    Chill with the bondage ninja looks, London.

    4. R. Kelly

    Al Bello / Getty Images

    You especially don't need to comment on Bill Cosby...

    5. This cow

    Twitter: @NYPD103Pct

    Cows saves self from the slaughterhouse by being very unchill, running away. Now it can chill.

    6. Getting hit in the testicles by a hockey puck

    Sorry about your balls, Matt Hendricks. So much violence in hockey, literally one of our most chill sports.

    7. Winter Storm Jonas

    LOL jk the storm is actually aggressively chill.

    This has been NEEDS 2 CHILL. Tune in next week for more, probably.