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22 Emergency Items You Need Before That Huge Fucking Blizzard Hits


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Pen and paper out? Great. Let's make a list of everything you'll need.

1. Milk

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

2. Bread

Fuse / Getty Images

3. Wine

Fuse / Getty Images

4. Portable Radio

Gsagi / Getty Images

5. Dried Fruit

Moodboard / Getty Images

6. Vodka

Tadeusz Wejkszo / Getty Images

7. Batteries

Chris Hill / Getty Images

8. Whiskey

Primopiano / Getty Images

9. First Aid Kit

Creatas / Getty Images

10. Extra Warm Socks

Alexraths / Getty Images

11. Portable Heater

Hemeroskopion / Getty Images

12. Recycling Bags

Runzelkorn / Getty Images

13. Eight Boxes of Brownie Mix

Moodboard / Getty Images

14. Oranges and Lemons and Straws

Valueline / Getty Images

15. Backup Bottle of Wine

Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

16. Comfy Floor Pillows

Fuse / Getty Images

17. Boxes (for Sledding)

18. Uggs and Shit

19. Cheetos

20. Jagermeister and Ginger Beer

21. Ice Cream


Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

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