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All The "Star Wars" Fan Art You Didn't Know You Needed

You have the feels, we have the art.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what Star Wars: The Force Awakens fan art they wanted and then we drew their ideas (and some of our own.) Here are the funny, flirty, and very heart-felt results.

1. "Have Poe sitting w/ empty snack bags around him & bb-8 with a bowl of popcorn on his head - he's a couch Poe-tato."

2. "Please do not waste any time and immediately set to work on a Jedi Master Leia using the Force to do something epic."

3. "Finn and the stormtrooper that says, “Traitor!” ballroom dancing."

4. "Draw me a female Kylo Ren!"

5. "Toddler Rey with the fighter helmet, playing with a toy (or paper) airplane."

6. "Kylo Ren as emo trash."

7. "Obviously some PoeFinn, but can you also do something where Kylo Ren isn't a lil shit and actually comes back to his ma and pa? Because I'd love to see Leia not heartbroken."

8. "General Leia, Han Solo, and Ben in a family Christmas portrait wearing really ugly sweaters."

9. "Young Kylo Ren picking out his Tumblr name."

10. "Poe-kémon"

11. "Maz Kanata and Yoda, having tea and scones."

12. "Rey, Finn, and Poe skipping through a grassy field with flower crowns on, please."

13. "Anything with Poe Baemeron a.k.a. Poe Hot Damn-eron."

14. "Luke and Rey finally connect."

15. "I always wondered what Rey and Ren would look on opposite sides of the Force. Who knows, maybe Ren won’t be so angsty."


17. "Chewie and Finn trying out Rey's triple buns."

18. "BB-8 and Artoo make a love connection!"

19. "Rey and BB-8 hanging out."

20. "Can we please have a freakin picture of Rey with HER lightsaber. Finn is not a Jedi and he could barely use the lightsaber! Whereas Rey actually has powers and the lightsaber CHOSE her."

21. "Captain Phasma ala Kehinde Wiley."

22. "We would absolutely LOVE to see Star Wars + library (bonus points if it's in a children's room / children's library!)"

23. "Literally anything Stormpilot (Finn and Poe.)"

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