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16 Reactions To The Blizzard From People In New Hampshire

"Blizzard nightmare: losing power for the Pats game."

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1. This person who pretty much speaks for all of New Hampshire (if not New England):

2. This guy's laughable reality:

3. This bit of advice:

4. This person who is literally drinking ICED COFFEE.

5. And this person enjoying a nice winter, er, summer salad?

6. This jealous dude:

7. These college students who are clearly worried about getting to class:

8. This journalist moonlighting as an agony aunt:

9. This photographer who may never see the sun again:

10. This fan who is worried about other things:

11. This lady who clearly is not enjoying the weather thus far:

12. This sad ski fan:

13. This chef who'll obviously need to rely on canned goods through the storm:

14. This wishful train of thought:

15. This couple who's probably worried about catching a cold:

16. And finally this wise anchorman's knowledge:


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