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    When You're Canadian But You Don't Like Hockey

    What do you mean there's no fourth period?

    1. Try as you might, you just don't get the big fuss about hockey.

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    2. It's not that you hate hockey; you just don't care.

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    To hate it, you'd have to watch it first.

    3. You definitely don't like when hockey games pre-empt your favourite TV shows.


    But Brooklyn Nine-Nine was supposed to be on!

    4. You care so little about the sport that you don't even refer to hockey by its name.

    Nick Youssef / Via Twitter: @NickYoussef

    5. You don't understand why people don't give as much attention to Canada's other official sport, lacrosse.

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    6. Your hockey-loving friends are often horrified at just how little you know about their obsession.

    Shouldn't you have absorbed SOME hockey knowledge by now?

    7. Like when you found out that hockey games only have three periods, not four.

    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

    Ohhhh, so THAT'S why they're not called quarters.

    8. Or when they ask you to name a hockey player other than Wayne Gretzky.

    Mike Powell / Getty Images

    ...P.K. Subaru? And, um, Gary. There's gotta be a Gary somewhere.

    9. Or even to just name some hockey teams.


    Uh... the Thunder Bay Actuaries?

    10. You just don't get why fighting is such a big part of the game.

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    It's so unsportsmanlike.

    11. The Vancouver riots after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup completely confused you.

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    And so did the fact that they're making a musical about the riots.

    12. You're similarly perplexed by people who are disappointed when a team that always loses keeps losing.


    You should probably be used to it by now.

    13. But you you DO feel proud when Canada's men and women's hockey teams take gold at the Winter Olympics.

    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images
    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

    (Especially when they win over the U.S., heh heh heh.)

    14. Not that you actually watch the games, of course.

    ABC Family / Via

    You only knew that Canada won when you heard thousands of people cheering outside your window.

    15. And once the Olympics are over, win or lose, you go right back to giving negative shits about hockey.

    Via Twitter: @cIoudsy


    16. But you still love movies about hockey.

    You're not a complete monster.

    17. You've tried to recreate that enthusiasm for real-life hockey, but it never lasts long.


    18. Seeing how much everyone else cares about hockey makes you wonder if you're a bad Canadian.

    19. But then you remember that there are lots of ways to be Canadian that don't involve hockey.

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    20. And you realize that maybe there are SOME things that you and your hockey fan friends can agree on.

    FOX / Via

    21. Like how awesome P.K. Subaru is.

    Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

    What do you mean that's not his name?

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