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13 Motions Of Support And Love To La Loche, Saskatchewan

"Reseed cruelty with compassion."

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La Loche, Saskatchewan is still reeling from the school shooting that killed four students, and left seven others injured, on Friday. Amid the heavy and grieving hearts, people are reminding the community of 2,600 that they are not alone.

In La Loche, candles were laid out by the school, lighting up the snow:



Mourners stop to place candles in front of the school. #LaLoche


Candles placed beside #LaLoche Community School. Gr. 7 - 12 students. Small community in mourning. @GlobalSaskatoon


And crowdfunding efforts around town — big or small — are being organized for all of the victims' families.


Yesterday's hockey fundraiser at the Robbie Memorial arena in #LaLoche raised almost $400 for funeral costs.


An auction put on by the #LaLoche radio station raised $10,000 from people across the north. Will be split between all 11 victims.


9. A moment of silence was held by the Prince Albert Raiders at the start of their game.

A moment of silence tonight for the community of La Loche.

10. Milos Raonic paid an emotional tribute to La Loche after winning his match on Monday at the Australian Open.

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"Today, before I stepped out on the court, it was a difficult day back home," he started his speech. "Today's victory was for that community. And a quick recovery. All of Canada, and I'm sure the world, is behind you."

11. And with all the heartfelt, stirring words of support...

The task now must be to identify which crops we have planted in which fields, and by necessity, reseed cruelty with compassion. #LaLoche

12. From the rest of the world, to the village of La Loche...

Sending our prayers from Jordan to people unfortunately involved in #LaLoche shooting. May u stay strong #Canada 🇨🇦

13. La Loche shows it right back.

A young La Loche woman overheard us asking where to eat after 8pm Sunday: "my auntie just made some food, if you want to come over."