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19 Things You Know If You've Been With Your Partner Since You Were 14

A rare but mighty breed.

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1. In the early days, the question, "Aren't you a bit young to be in love?" was the bane of your existence.


So when Love Actually came along, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster called bullshit on it and proved the haters wrong, you were so damn proud.

3. You've known each other so long that couples party games have become a breeze.

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"What four things would your partner do on their perfect day at home?"

"Eat a whole jar of peanut butter, watch old reruns of Friends, not answer any calls from my mother, and browse Asos for hours but not actually buy anything?"


4. And you can easily distinguish the meaning behind the various different nods, looks, and nudges you give each other.

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"Where are the disabled toilets in this pub, I want to have sex right now", "You've got coriander in your teeth", and "'I can't understand this stranger's accent, please can you take over?" can all be communicated with one poke in the ribs.


5. Especially the look your other half gives you around dinnertime that says “Take way tonight?”

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"Yes, of course I want to sack off cooking, make a short phone call and have a large pepperoni with extra caramelised onions delivered to our door, how did you guess?"

6. Remembering arguments from your younger years is never a pleasant experience.

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Setting: dining hall. Topic: why they hadn't sat next to you in Music. End result: removing them from your top 12 on Bebo.

7. And neither is the horrific realisation that you once had *relations* with a teenager.

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Which naturally you feel compelled to notify your partner about, so they too can feel the erotically charged sense of shame.


11. Having the same hometown makes family get-togethers and the festive season just a little bit easier to manage.


Although keeping both sides happy with your plans, having time to see old friends, and getting some time for just the two of you is a bit of a nightmare.


13. You already know the exact reaction you’d get if you told your mutual friends you were getting married.

Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions

Stage one: squealing. Stage two: crying. Stage three: shouting about how they knew it! Stage four: more squealing and crying.

14. You sometimes wish people understood that it isn’t always sunshine and roses.

Love Layla / Via Facebook: lovelayladesigns

Childhood sweethearts or not, sometimes you genuinely want to kill each other. You might even have fantasised about the most satisfying way to do it. Sorrynotsorry.

16. And you have blazing arguments just like any other couple.


Even if half the time it's about the most stupid things, like, "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU TAKE THE BIN OUT AND NOT REPLACE THE BIN LINER...AGAIN?!"


18. You know that if you could put up with each other as grumpy teenagers, then you can sure as hell handle just about anything now.


Meltdowns over lost house keys, suspicious moles, passive-aggressive texts from in-laws, and all impending mid-life crises included.

19. And you're so glad you stuck it out, because nothing is better than being in love with someone who has loved you since were young, spotty, and irresponsible.