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This Man's Beautiful Story About His Wife Will Make You Believe In True Love

"It’s a treasure for me to let other people see what we tried to do."

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For their new single, the band MUTEMATH decided to focus on an inspirational love story between LaLa and his late wife, Louise.

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"I call it LaLa and Louise Land," LaLa told BuzzFeed. "Over the years we collected the pictures, and before she passed I said, 'Well, we are gonna have to do something with these pictures.' And that’s how it began."

There are literally hundreds of thousands of these beautiful pictures all over LaLa's home, commemorating their relationship.

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"Every Sunday, before or after church, she'd have me take her picture. And that's how the collection grew — so much memorabilia and pictures and everything."

The Umbrella Grove on the outside of LaLa's property is another momento to Louise. "On any given day I look out at any umbrella and see her smiling at me," LaLa said.

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LaLa told BuzzFeed that he happily gives tours to anyone who wants to stop by his quaint home in Starkville, Mississippi.

"It’s a treasure for me to let other people see what we tried to do," LaLa said.

Throughout the video, LaLa happily dances to flashbacks of both him and Louise — a passion they both shared.

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"I've always loved music. I grew up with a musical background," LaLa said. "And we used to love to dance. I actually taught my wife how to dance. She knew that I loved it and she didn't know how, so I taught her."

"Occasionally we'd go dancing and people would say, 'Are y'all going dancing tonight?' and if we weren't they'd say, 'Well we ain't either! We just want to watch y'all!"

LaLa also told BuzzFeed he believes Louise would have loved the final product.

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"Oh she would have loved it. She’s loving it now. Yeah, she would've been a little bashful about it because she's a bashful kinda lady, but she would have loved it."

We asked LaLa if he could give us any relationship advice. "I tell people, 'put that lady first!'" LaLa laughs. "They'll be some ups and downs, but work hard at it."

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