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19 Reasons Taraji P. Henson Should Be Your #1 Imaginary Celebrity BFF

A brief history of what makes the Empire star such bestie material.

1. If you're not already aware, Taraji P. Henson is very possibly the greatest person on Earth.


2. She's the kind of girl not content just slaying "Just Fine" solo on Lip Sync Battle. Taraji is like, Fuck it, let's actually bring out Mary J. Blige!

Spike TV / Via Facebook: video.php


3. Then she'll call up MJB, get Kerry Washington on three-way, and bring some #BlackGirlMagic to your regularly scheduled commercial break.

4. She celebrates her friends as if their victories were hers. Like that time Viola Davis won an Emmy in the same category Taraji herself was nominated for, and this happened.

5. But make no mistake — she's proud of her own wins too.

Can't properly love others until you love yourself, right?

6. Doesn't matter if you're Terrence Howard — if you make an unwelcome advance, she will burn you on national television.

8. ... she won't hesitate to handle the situation, Cookie-style.

jussiesmollett / Via

9. And she'll definitely get revenge.

Instagram: @tarajiphenson / Via


10. I mean, okay, so she's no stranger to pranking coworkers.

Instagram: @tarajiphenson / Via

11. She's just real AF.

12. Taking accidental videos n shit like your grandpa would...

Instagram: @tarajiphenson / Via

13. ... and being cranky at work, just like you.

Instagram: @theoriginalbigdaddy / Via

14. Getting turnt to Slick Rick before going out...

Instagram: @jasonbolden / Via

15. ... and literally leaving for the Empire's season two premiere like this.

tarajiphenson / Via

16. Plus she's a little bit of a speed demon...

tarajiphenson / Via

17. ... who does a mean Chewbacca voice...

tarajiphenson / Via


18. ... and who isn't afraid to throw some twerking into the mix as she rides away.

Instagram: @tarajiphenson / Via

19. Basically, she is everything.


Taraji P Henson, a true American hero. This one's for you, Queen.

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