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I'm About To Start A Rumor That Andi Dorfman And Chris Harrison Are Dating Based Off These Two Photos

Gather 'round Bachelor nation, I have news that I'm making up.

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Something crazy is happening in Andi Dorfman's world, and no it's NOT that she got bangs.

Instagram: @christyyhansen

It's that she uploaded this photo with Chris Harrison and now I'm convinced they are dating.

Instagram: @andi_dorfman

Normally I wouldn't jump to any conclusions and flippantly pronounce that they are maybe dating. BUT, after my sister texted me about this picture, I wondered. And then I read the caption:

Distance makes the heart grow fonder? A heart emoji AND a wine emoji???? #nomnomnom?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Curious...very curious.

And there's more. There's also this photo tagged of Andi in which she and Chris are getting on a private plane to somewhere. AND THEY ARE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER.

Instagram: @handbagraincoat

Now, I'm not saying they are dating. I'm also not saying that they aren't dating. All I'm saying is if they were dating, this would be quite The Bachelor twist. And if they aren't dating then whatever, the thought of it was fun while it lasted.

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