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This Little Girl’s Attempt At A Beauty Tutorial Went Hilariously Wrong

I call this style "The Aubrey."

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Little Aubrey got a wee bit scissor happy trying to make her very first beauty tutorial video, and, well, things got a little cray.

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After watching YouTube videos on her own, Aubrey knew it was her destiny to follow the footsteps of her favorite beauty bloggers. “She asked me to set my tablet up because she likes to video herself," Aubrey's grandmother, Debbie Arnold, told ABC News.

Let's just cut our ban— WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. NOOOOOOO, AUBREY.

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To be fair, grandma Debbie didn't know that scissors were in the makeup bag.

Maybe this will fix it? least it will always grow back...

Facebook: 100005418408199

Her mom told ABC News, “She’s mildly embarrassed but it’s OK.” You got it, Aubrey!

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