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19 Underrated Nail Polish Brands That Are Actually Good Quality

Welcome to the No Chip Zone.

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We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite nail polish brands. These are the underrated polishes that are actually worth your money.

2. Formula X

@formulaxnail / Via

"Formula X is amazing! I've had it on my nails, WITH NO CHIPPING, for just under two weeks! Their whole nail prep system (cleanser, base, color, and top) are the only things I'll use now." —Mackenzie Hunter, Facebook

Get it here for $10.50.

3. Sinful Colors

@sinfulcolors_official / Via

"Their colors are incredible and every time I need a pick me up I can buy a new gorgeous shade for $2. They also go on really smoothly and last a long time." —Allison Turner, Facebook

Get it here for $2.02.


4. Deborah Lippmann

@deborahlippmann / Via

"I did white Deborah Lippmann mani on myself that lasted 10 days. Have been loyal to that brand ever since. White always chips on the first day, right? Was thinking about entering into the Guinness Book for longest white mani on record. I think what made it last was applying cuticle oil all over the nail every night. Keeps any mani from chipping." —erikav45ec8d5ad

Get it here for $20.

5. Orly Bonder base coat. / Via

Orly Bonder rubberized base coat is amazing. It dries tacky, so it helps the polish stick to your nails better. My nail color stays put for over a week when I use it!" —Vilma Sanchez-Vega, Facebook

Get it here for $10.

6. Seche Vite topcoat.

http://@jula.kns / Via

"It can make ANY polish look professional grade. People ask me all the time if my drugstore nail polish is a gel manicure. Just Sinful colors and my trusty Seche Vite!" —Payton Dzurcanin, Facebook

Get it here for $7.09.


9. Butter London

@alicerd__ / Via

"The only one I have found that stays on my nails is Butter London. It's a bit more expensive but I think it's worth in because it stays on my nails about four times the length of other nail polishes." — leaf1007

Get it here for $15.

10. Julep

@morganlschadegg / Via

"I love their polish and with a color alone, it will usually last at least week, but with the Oxygen Bonding base coat and top coat, it can last 10-14 days without chipping. It all dries SO fast, and the Lavender Quick Dry Drops actually do help. I can re-do my nails in literally 15 minutes from the start of old polish remover to totally dry fresh polish with base/2 color/top coats. It's also vegan and 5-free* and their whole organization is dedicated to supporting women." —annalana

Get it here for $14.

*5-free is a term referring to nail polish made without these harmful chemicals: Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.


17. NYC Color

@vicioemunhas1 / Via

"I've tried practically every brand of nail polish, but they do not stand up to my constant hand washing at work. NYC Color is the only one that will last days without chipping. The best part? IT'S $1.89 A BOTTLE!" —j430b95be5

Get it here for $1.89.

19. RGB

@footlooseshoes / Via

"RGB Is seriously the best. It doesn't chip and it's so easy to apply. The coat is thick and rich and stays on for days/weeks longer than any other brand I've used. My only complaint is that it's so hard to find out in the wild." —Julie Gerstein, Facebook

Get it here for $18.