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We Need To Talk About New York

No, not that state.

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Unless you're been trapped in Enya's big ass Irish castle basement for the past month, then you should know that the original queen of reality TV, Tiffany Pollard aka New York, is back on television on the U.K.'s version of Celebrity Big Brother.

Do not skip this Vine! Look at her seethe!


Do not skip this video! Watch her say the words "old maiden shoes" and call out a housemate for not being classy. I'm telling you, this is classic New York.

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Another great thing about New York is that she still has her passion for dick.

Instagram: @the_gregorylondon777

Basically, we need her on TV in the U.S. ASAP. Thank you so much for your time and if you live in the U.K. YOU BETTER MAKE SURE SHE DOESN'T GET EVICTED.

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