Someone Made An “In-N-Out Pie” And It Is A Beautiful And Revolting Mess

Why must we play God?!

1. Food Beast released a video last week that details how to make an “In-N-Out pie” and it is something…

2. First, you get a bunch of In-N-Out burgers.

3. Then you slice them up.

4. Take a pie crust. Coat that bad boy in some animal-style sauce. Here’s a recipe for how to make it at home.

5. Then you fill the pie crust with french fries and the burgers, cut up four-by-four.

6. Give those burgers some room to breathe.

7. Then mix eggs with some half and half.

8. Coat the first layer of your burger pie in the glazing.

9. Pop that sucker in the oven. After it’s gotten all crispy, pull it out, cover it in American cheese and more french fries.

10. Cover it in MORE animal-style sauce and bacon (obviously).

11. And then cut yourself nice big slice of gooey, sort of disgusting, sort of beautiful burger pie.

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