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    It's The First Monday Of 2016 And People Just Can't Deal

    The nation's office workers couldn't be more excited to be back at work.

    This morning, millions of people lucky enough to have had the Christmas break off work have headed in for their first day back in the office – and judging by their tweets, they couldn't be happier about it.

    People are jumping out of bed, refreshed after the break.

    There are Monday mornings and then there are Monday mornings after nice break. The struggle out of bed was real. #backtowork

    I have been reunited with the snooze button. #backtowork 😴

    #HappyNewYear and welcome #backtowork! Hope you all had a relaxing & enjoyable break :) *needs coffee*

    Christmas is SO last year.

    I had to remove 8 wind-up Santa christmas cracker toys from my handbag this morning, so welcome back to work.

    Everyone's had time to pick a killer work outfit.

    These work clothes have shrunk while I was off for those 10 days eating. I must have a word with the dry cleaners #backtowork

    And can't wait for their morning coffee – not that they need it.

    Hands up who is needing extra caffeine today? #backtowork

    Not used to the smell of coffee. Today it smells like cat's pee. #backtowork #hny

    The day is all planned out.

    Okay. So, am dressed, am eating breakfast, but damned if I remember what to do next #backtowork

    And we're raring to go.

    Realising the holidays are over and you have to be a responsible adult again. #Monday #backtowork

    The new commute is working like clockwork.

    Tube running slow today because "there are a lot of trains in the area". Of Kings Cross.

    A black cab just splashed me within puddle water like an actual first day back to work montage

    It feels so good to be back in the office, right?

    FML: This is how I feel now that I'm #backtowork...

    We're ready to get stuff *done*.

    Get into the office and someone is already leaving: Me: Had enough? Colleague: Instead of my work laptop I packed placemats. Me: Wow.

    Seriously: We've got today all planned out.

    It's the first day #backtowork after 10 days off. They should be pleased I even remembered where the office is let alone what I do.

    Genuinely can't remember what my job is. I'm just clicking desktop icons, hoping one of them will jog my memory.

    We can't wait to catch up with our colleagues.

    When discussing your Christmas holidays, keep the answer brief. #backtowork Pic via @ThePoke

    That feeling after having answered the question "how was your Christmas?" for the 389th time before 11am #backtowork

    And we know what we won't be doing at work, too.

    So warnings in advance: Yellow cards to divorce peak or housing market bollocks Red card for "blue Monday" stuff.

    Shame there's always one person who won't get into the spirit of things.

    First Working day of the year. Lez do this! #backtowork

    Still, happy 2016 everyone!