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18 Presentations That Would Make You Pay Attention In Class

Powerpoint can be used for good or for evil.

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1. This presentation that asks the important questions, questions everyone has been wondering about for years.

2. This one that might include more information than the presenter anticipated.

3. This unbelievably important one.

4. This waking nightmare that would bring anyone out of a lesson-induced stupor.

5. This quality array of WordArt would attract everyone's attention, and keep it.

6. The additional information being presented by this one would definitely be noticeable.

7. Any presentation that used this as a screensaver is clearly worth giving your full attention.

8. And this one, just to see how they explain this.

9. This would, without doubt, be very worth watching.

10. And this presenter looks so, so very ready to give out some information.

11. These people are also very ready to drop some... knowledge. Not beer pong balls. Knowledge.

12. This person nailed their presentation.

13. And of course no presentation could ever be more ready for success than this.

14. People are going into this with some real, in-depth understanding of the topics.

15. Most of the time.

16. This presentation goes into so much detail, and in fairness, it is fire.

17. And this one is superb as well.

18. Presentations really can be used for so many different and crucial purposes.