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21 Things You'll Understand If You're Completely Obsessed With Waitrose

*Panics about which charity to give the green disk to*

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1. First of all, you completely understand that some things in life are ~essential~.

Of course.
Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

Of course.

2. Like pâté.

Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

3. And pineapple cottage cheese.

Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

4. The opening of a new Waitrose near your house is pretty damn exciting.

International Supermarket News / Via


5. Discovering a service station has a mini Waitrose is like Christmas Day for you.

Scriniary/BuzzFeed / Via

6. But it's still not as exciting as a LITTLE WAITROSE opening near your workplace.

A P Monblat/BuzzFeed / Via

Baby Waitrose!!!

7. Which can be pretty damaging for your bank balance.

Geoff Welding/@delusionalgoat / Via

8. You're pretty bloody good at using the magical price check laser machine.

I am obsessed with @waitrose 😄

Aww yehh gotta get those sweet deals.

9. And you do additional laps of the store to make the most of the free samples.

The staff know, they KNOW that you've had 30 bits of mince pie.
@dreaminred / Via Twitter: @dreaminred

The staff know, they KNOW that you've had 30 bits of mince pie.

10. You completely relate to this.

One of your five a day.
Overheard in Waitrose / Via Facebook: overheardinwaitrose

One of your five a day.

11. And you feel genuinely stressed when you have to decide which charity to give your green disk to.

Why is #waitrose so obsessed with tidley winks anyway .....

"Dogs? Old people? Birds?" *hyperventilates from stress*

12. Your Waitrose magazine collection is getting a bit out of control.

Obsessed with @waitrose food mags much? #bakeitoff #foodie

Because you can't bring yourself not to pick one up every time.

13. And you will never not laugh at this newspaper display.

Poor Heston.

14. You used to visit exclusively for the free coffee.

Even on weekends.
Scott Bryan/BuzzFeed/Waitrose / Via

Even on weekends.

15. And you were genuinely upset when they started making you buy food before you could get that complimentary latte.

20th Century Fox / Via


16. But you're still willing to stand in a massive queue for a free drink.

Scott Bryan/BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @scottygb

17. So forgetting your myWaitrose card is the greatest tragedy that can befall you.



18. This would be your actual dream gift.

What do you do when it's your friends bday and he's obsessed with @waitrose? Give him a head to toe #Waitrose present


19. You know that you’re likely to overhear something ridiculous on a visit.

Shutterstock: hxdbzxy / Via Facebook: overheardinwaitrose

20. And you understand when Waitrose gets a bit out of hand.

"It wouldn't be summer without a sex backache."

21. But you’re willing to forgive Waitrose even when they’re just plain mean.

Because you love them so.
Overheard in Waitrose / Via Facebook: overheardinwaitrose

Because you love them so.