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21 Things You'll Understand If You're Completely Obsessed With Waitrose

*Panics about which charity to give the green disk to*

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8. You're pretty bloody good at using the magical price check laser machine.

I am obsessed with @waitrose 😄

Aww yehh gotta get those sweet deals.

11. And you feel genuinely stressed when you have to decide which charity to give your green disk to.

Why is #waitrose so obsessed with tidley winks anyway .....

"Dogs? Old people? Birds?" *hyperventilates from stress*

12. Your Waitrose magazine collection is getting a bit out of control.

Obsessed with @waitrose food mags much? #bakeitoff #foodie

Because you can't bring yourself not to pick one up every time.


18. This would be your actual dream gift.

What do you do when it's your friends bday and he's obsessed with @waitrose? Give him a head to toe #Waitrose present


20. And you understand when Waitrose gets a bit out of hand.

"It wouldn't be summer without a sex backache."


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