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These 23 Tweets Will Make You Feel Better About The World

"You live on a tiny blue dot, lost in a sea of stars, and every speck of life around you is improbable and wondrous. Why can't you see that?"

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1. This is Earth on January 1 2016. Everyone you know and love lives here.

#HappyNewYear! NOAA’s GOES East satellite captured this image of our home on the first day of #2016.

2. And we all rely on our planet in many different ways.

If Earth stopped rotating, everyone not bolted to the ground would fall over and roll due east at the speed of a jet plane.

3. Its fragile atmosphere keeps us all alive.

#Earth, the green glow of your atmosphere looks particularly thin and fragile this morning. #YearInSpace

4. Basically, Earth is all of humanity's spaceship.

An astronaut's view of the Earth. A hypnotic video for #RiAdvent

5. Our planet seems vast and slow moving, to us.

Just realized: your fingernails grow at the same speed at which continents drift. Imagine traveling across the Earth at a nail's pace. Wow.

6. Our planet's timescales are so huge we can barely comprehend them.

In the history of Earth, we're closer in time to Tyrannosaurus rex than T. rex is to Stegosaurus.

7. And some of Earth's history is hard for us to wrap our heads around.

Your periodic reminder that birds are dinosaurs

8. But in the grand scheme of things, Earth is just another dot in our solar system.

Orbiting orbits for your #humpday #GIF #science #space

9. It's just one planet out of thousands we know exist in the universe.

We ❤️‍ this beautiful array of #exoplanets arranged by temperature & density @MartinVargic:

10. Seen from space, even the towering pyramids look tiny.

This area looks ancient, even from space. Pyramids on the right.

11. Rockets on their way to space look like specks in our atmosphere.

Caught something good on the horizon. #Cygnus at #sunset on its way to @space_station! #YearInSpace

12. But despite being so small, humans have achieved great things. There are astronauts in space right now looking down at Earth.

Watching the Earth slip into the shadow of night is truly mesmerizing! #Principia

13. We've seen solar system planets in ways no humans have before us.

two of the deeply weirdest things you've maybe never seen are jupiter from above and below

14. We've managed to launch a rocket and then land it, intact, in the same place.

15. We've snapped pictures of sand ON MARS.

Whoa. Sand. @MarsCuriosity sol 1184.

16. Just last year, a spacecraft we made reached Pluto and sent us back the first ever photos of it up close.

Amazed that in all of human history, I was alive in the year we first saw what Pluto and Ceres look like.

17. Meaning we're the first ever humans to see Pluto as more than a fuzzy blob.

18. And to see its surface in such detail.

#Pluto’s close-up, now in color. Credits: @NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI

19. Each of us has very little time on this planet.

You only live about 4000 weeks. Depressing fact to remember on a Monday when you're wishing 0.025% of your life away waiting for the weekend

20. By the time you see things, they're already in the past.

Look at your feet. You're seeing them as they were about 5 nanoseconds ago. That's how long it takes light from them to reach your eyes.

21. And in five billion years, all of this will be gone.

In 5-billion yrs the Sun will expand & engulf our orbit as the charred ember that was once Earth vaporizes. Have a nice day.

22. So make the most of the time you have.

Good morning, Earth. This is where we all live, together. Do something kind for a stranger today. It's contagious.

23. And remember:

You live on a tiny blue dot, lost in a sea of stars, and every speck of life around you is improbable and wondrous. Why can't you see that?