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It's Finally Winter In Canada And People Aren't Happy

Bring back that December weather, please.

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It was so warm in December that Canadians were actually ANNOYED.

it's so mild for december, ESPECIALLY CANADA WTF MAN. apparently it hasn't been this warm in december since 40 years ago, damn. I WANT SNOW


I hate that it's December and it's warm enough to wear shorts. What the hell, Canada

why is it so warm in Canada I want snow I hate everything

Well, winter apparently heard all the complaints, as Toronto issued its first extreme cold alert of the season:

An extreme cold weather alert has been issued for Toronto. Bundle up and please call @311Toronto if you see someone struggling outside.

Mainly Sunny, High -11C. Welcome to winter!


Other Canadian cities experienced similarly freezing temperatures:

Dodged the deep freeze by the skin of my teeth. Phew! Too thin blooded now for REAL winter.

On a day this cold in Ottawa (-20c plus windchill) even the statues need to bundle up! @ctvnews

Heads up #Halifax on some cold winter weather coming early this's a peek! @cbcns @CHIUcbc

And, unsurprisingly, some Canadians aren't very happy about it.


Sometimes I love Canada and sometimes I'm too cold to know how I feel about it 🇨🇦

GOOD MORNING! It's 12 degrees in Toronto It's too cold to type more

(I think they meant -12 degrees, but they were probably too frozen to fix their mistake.)

Tfw it feels like -20 on your first day back from the holidays #dlws

It's -12 in Toronto right now but with the wind chill it feels like MY EX WIFE


I know how you feel, dog.

Although SOME crazy people don't seem to think the sudden cold is that bad:

.@TheTylerAuger the cold never bothered me anyway #bundleupbruh

Dear Ottawa citizens, Due to the cold, my nipples will be entering the room 2 mins before the rest of my body does.

Sadly, if you thought Canada's warm December indicated that the rest of winter would be equally temperate, I have some bad news for you:

Last year the first extreme cold weather alert for #Toronto was on Jan.7 - a few days earlier in 2016! Mild Dec. does not=mild winter!