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This Mattress Has A Built-In Pet Bed Because The Snuggle Is Real

Finally, something everyone can agree on.

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And you wouldn't have been able to buy one — UNTIL NOW.

Colchão Inteligente / Via Facebook

Colchão Inteligente, which currently only ships to Brazil and Argentina, plans to open factories in Orlando in early 2016, according to an interview with ABC News.

Buyers can customize the size of the embedded bed to perfectly fit their animal.

Colchão Inteligente Postural

The standard pet bed is roughly 20 inches wide by 24 inches deep and 10 inches high — perfect for a small dog. But you can make size adjustments for your golden retriever because the future is NOW.


This way your pet can still sleep with you WITHOUT stealing all the covers.

Colchão Inteligente Postural

This is also a great option if you don't feel like stubbing your toe on that dog crate for the 1 millionth time.